Deployment How To Pass The Time With A 3yr old

Crystal - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am looking for activities to do with my daughter and things we can send her daddy and homecoming signs, banners, and slogans this is our 1st deployment together so dont really have any idea what to do and any websites will help too


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Rebecca - posted on 05/04/2010




My husband and I had our 1st deployment together starting the month before my daughter turned 3. I put her in dance to give her something to concentrate on. We also went to nature centers, the beach, anything to get us out of the house, including driving 8 hours (I also have 2 boys younger than her) to see family.
We got to see Daddy almost every day on the webcam and he emailed when he could.
The first month he was gone, I had my son, Eli. So when we got home, I looked up cute little kid poems on the internet and made some handprints with the poems written underneath them and sent them to him.
We also sent any artwork that my daughter made at church or home. She colored her daddy pictures and he treasured every one of them!
We made him cookies every 2 weeks and sent enough for his roommates.
I also took up volunteering with Soldier's Angels (, adopting deployed military personnel and signing my husband up for it. He got his very own angel that helped send him things. Soldier's Angels has a baking team (I am on that), as well as a letter writing team. My husband received so much support just through postcards and letters and he saved every one. I am in the process of making him a scrapbook specifically for those cards and letters.
As for signs, we just made simple signs that said "Welcome Home" and "My Daddy Is Home". I also decorated my SUV when we went to pick up my husband from the airport.

Amy - posted on 05/04/2010




we decorated a pillow case for my hubby. well actually it was just me cuz i was prego still lol. but i just got a regular white pillow case at walmart. i used regular acrylic paint and puffy paint. i also bought the clear picure covers that you put in photo albums. you can put a picture in them then tape the edge closed and glue it to the pillow case. then put fuffy paint around that to make a little frame. i put like i love you, welcome home, im proud of you things like that. also my neice colored 1 picture for him every day and made a book out of it.

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