Different kind of fraternization question?

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I have Googled the life out of this and I can't find my answer so I thought I would try here.

My husband was in one company and I have multiple active duty friends (both officer and enlisted) in another company because I used to work with them. My husband is now company commander of the unit my friends are all in. There is one woman in particular (she is an active duty officer but lower ranked than my husband) who I had sporadic play dates with. My question is whether it is a conflict of interest for us to hang out and if we can still get together. I realize that spouses have no rank and can hang out with who they want too (Most of the questions online are can officer and enlisted wives hang out together.) I can't find anything specific to my situation though because though it's fine for me she is an active duty LT. I mean I guess we probably shouldn't have her and her husband over for dinner or anything like that (which isn't our relationship anyways) but I'm wondering if it doesn't look good if she and I spend time together. Anyone who has any insight it would be much appreciated.


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What I know (as far as the Army) is what goes on inside of your home is at your discretion. The respect of rank must always remain in public. I now from experience. I am not certain how you all would do, out in public, but as you said you have no rank. The issue would fall on her (imo) when her peers see you all out. It could make people assume she will receive favor by association. I also understand the Marine Corp to be different (still)... *we are prior Marine* their fraternization "rules" haven't changed. I won't say you can't invite her & hubby over, your hubby may have reservatins about it.

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