Does anyone here live apart from their husband even while he's stateside?

Marisa - posted on 05/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband is currently on Recruiting Duty with the Marines, and the discussion of us living apart when he goes back to the fleet keeps coming up (we will be done with this duty December of 2013). Our child will be of school age and because my husband never had a stable environment when he was a kid (mom moved them all over their city and he was in 4 schools by 1st grade) he wants differently for our son. He says that he will hardly ever see us even when he is home, and doesn't want for our son to always be the new kid, never being able to keep the same friends due to moving around. He wants him to eventually enter the Naval Academy and wants him to be in all kids of sports, do well in school, all these things he never had. I see his point, but it still makes me sad to be away from him. I guess the thought that runs through my mind is that, what if something happened while he was deployed? That time we could have had won't be there, because he chose to have us home with his family and not with him. I need to know that if this happens I won't be alone in this. That there are other women who are going through the same thing I will be. How do you handle it? What challenges does it impose on your family? I want to go with him on this, but I guess right now, I am only seeing one side of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Ashley - posted on 05/26/2012




HI my husband and I live apart he is at ft bliss and I am now in ft hood.. We chose to do this becuase he is going to germany and as much as i would love to go and see what a beautiful country it is. My daugher is starting school and my son just got over the last few moves we had. so he and I talked about it and i moved in with his mom till i could find a place and this means i have my mom here and my sister and brothers so i have help with the kids and she wont have to go to a new school in 2 years or less.. I hate being away from him and so does the kids. But like my husband said "Its best some times to think of the kids lifes and we can see each other when we safe money we would be able to take a trip to see him" We dont know how long it will last being away sents i am not going to germany with him. and He will be at ft hood when he leaves there But Some times its much easyer on kids when they dont move around so much. ANd god is it hard doing it alone and I miss him every day. But i skype him a lot and If i have a hard time with the kids Skype works wonders They listens to what ever he saids> I hope this helps:)

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