everytime i put my son in his room for a nap or bedtime he just screams.How do i get him to like it?


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Sharon - posted on 11/19/2009




you need to give him time to adjust to his new surroundings. This may seem like a cruel solution, but if you can let him cry for a few nights and leave him he will soon realise he has to ly down and sleep. My eldest boy was 18mths old when i had my second and i had to do this, it only took a few nights before he settled into a routine x

Stefie - posted on 11/18/2009




My little girl hates naps and sleep in general. We had an awful time getting her to sleep in her own room. We used a book called planet sleepy I think. It basically said set a routine for bed time and then rock/give milk till your kid is acting really sleepy. Then lay the kid down and expect screaming. You can go and check in on them, just say you love them and lay them back down (no extra touch) and stay strong. Eventually they understand this is bed time and go to sleep easy. At the same time do the same routine (skip bath if that is your routine) for naps and also expect them to scram. You might have to decide this is a hour nap and they might scream for an hour. It takes time and your nerves will hurt.
This took a while but it works. I find that if I ever rock her all the way to sleep she wakes up and freaks out. She has to cry for at least 2 mins, then will nap for over two hours.
It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Julie - posted on 11/18/2009




You should try having the same routine every night; warm bath, take him in a quiet environment with some milk, and a blankie or stuffed animal or pacifier and rock him, or depending on his age, read some stories. I would get a pillow and put it on the arm of the rocking chair and lay my son on that, cover him with a light blanket, his pacifier, "blankie" and Pooh Bear, and rock him to sleep. SOmetimes it would take longer than other nights, and I also had a baby lullaby CD that I played to make the mood relaxed. I kept this same routine every night and so he knew that after playtime in the bath, it was "sleepy-time" and he would automatically relax and be calm. Whatever helps them to relax, like a special toy or pacifier, use that. Some days my son won't take a nap, but he'll fall asleep faster at bedtime. It really is what works for your son; he doesn't have to take a nap, it's not a rule. Like us, some days he may be more tired than other days, and he might need a nap, you can tell by his mood too. Also, the one thing that never fails is to wear them out! Get him really active, tire him out during the day. Fresh air always works! Even now for us adults! :)

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