First assignment = Sheppard AFB, TX. SCARED?! Yes.

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On October 1st, my husband left for AF basic training. Being a 'single' mom to a two year old was pretty overwhelming, but we are some how (grace of God) making it work. My wonderful hubby graduated November 11th and moved along to tech school. Thanksgiving was hard enough with my husband at Sheppard for his training. So here we are, in Northeast Ohio, preparing for Christmas. He comes home for two weeks, then he'll be gone until March. (Thankfully we talk nightly.) But what happens next? I have no clue what will happen. What if housing isn't available immediately? How do I travel to TX with a two year old? What will I do with my loving kitty? Any help/suggestions/stress-relievers would be MUCH appreciated! :) -Kate


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Jessica - posted on 01/23/2009




I'm glad to see you have already learn the military motto, "Hurry up and wait". My hubby says that ALL THE TIME. Thanks for the chuckle!!

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I wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the great help. So far we are on a 4 month waiting list for base housing. We've heard both ways about temp lodging being available and not available. My husband is still waiting receive his packet to meet with his sponser. Our orders are for Sheppard AFB, where he is for tech school currently, so that helps, since he'll be able to get a feel for the base and Wichita Falls prior to us (wife and son) coming down. As far as travel, we just need to find out first if TMO will haul the car for us or if we'll need to drive it ourselves. We're looking into off-base housing also just in case the wait time for base housing stays stagnant or increases. Hurry up and wait, that's the military motto it seems. HAHA just kidding...

Christina - posted on 01/22/2009




Housing will not be available right away. Your husband has to turn in paper work and you both have to be interviewed. Look up the post's website and get the contact information for the hotel. You will also find a lot of information about housing and they usually have a checklist for new people. You should reserve your room for at least 2 weeks asap. We didn't, and when we got to Ft. Drum we spent half the first night trying to find a place to sleep. If you drive you will need your driver's license, military id, current proof of insurance, and registration. You will can get a temp and permanent pass at the MP station. You will need all that info to get one. Oh, and they will prolly inspect your vehicle at the gate.Good Luck!

Gabrielle - posted on 01/21/2009




Well, first, congrats on your assignment, my husband and I loved Sheppard (Wichita Falls, TX), it is such a fam friendly base from our experience although we left Sheppard in 2004... lots could change from then to now. But basically TMO will do everything for you as far as packing you up and getting it to the correct destination, just make sure you advise them not to pack your trashcan with trash in it... they will, seriously!!! Your husband can start putting in papers for housing as soon as he arrives, typically they will provide you with TLF (temp living facility) or base rate hotel if housing is limited or there is a waiting list. Traveling with you two year old.... bring snacks, a fave cup, fave book, and other things like coloring materials or things that you do for fun at home, keeping his normalcy "normal". The kitty... I really don't know... I've never traveled with an animal and I don't know the rules for traveling with animals, I would call/ or go to the website the airline you are flying with and get more info on that. I hope that this helps a little and look forward to having a friendship with you. Best of luck at Sheppard.

Jennie-Lynne - posted on 01/21/2009




Since your hubby is at sheppard for tech school, hell eventually get orders to his first base (if he hasnt already gotten them). From there youll move with him and have the option for on base housing or off base, there are pros and cons to both. Its pretty easy to travel with a 2year old, but chances that your hubby will have orders to stay at sheppard are slim to none. I currently live on base in Idaho (Mountain home afb, in the middle of nowhere, lol) and they do not require a deposit for animals at all. They allow 2pets, but when you move out they go over your house (if you have carpets) with a black light so make sure your cat usually the little box ONLY. It seems really stressful right now, and I know it must suck not knowing whats going to happen next (My hubby is active duty and Im in the guard so I have some incite into what happens), but give it time. Once everything happens youre going to look back and think "wow, that was a little too easy". I hope I was some help, and please dont be afraid to message me and ask anything else. If I dont know the answer I can have my hubby find out the answer for you.

Good luck!!

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Well, if his orders to Sheppard are PCS orders, then the military will pay to have packers and movers get all your stuff there. Your hubby just needs to make the arrangements with the proper people. Not sure what the AF calls it, but I know the Navy calls it Personal Property.
They should also pay for either a plane ticket or mileage to drive there (unless you know your child does well on planes, I highly suggest the drive). If your hubby can't take leave to help you drive out with your son, see if a family member is willing to come along for the ride. If that is still a no go, then you may have to do it by yourself. It will be the first of many military obstacles you'll have to over come, but after wards you will have more confidence in yourself to overcome the next one. I have gotten so use to traveling by myself with 2 kids. And they have gotten good at it too.
Your husband can put you on the housing list now (again, that is only if that is his PCS). If military housing isn't available, you can live out in town and receive BAH to pay for it. Housing in Texas is usually pretty cheep.
As far as your kitty goes, housing usually allows pets w/pet deposit just like most apartments. Your husband can check up on that when he puts his name on the housing list.
The good thing is that he is already there and can shop around for housing, an apartment, or a rental home before you get there. You can write to me on facebook if you have anymore questions.
You can use this website ( to check out the BAH rates in the area so you know how much rent you can afford. I don't think they have the '09 rates up yet, but they will likely be slightly higher than '08.

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