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Hi my name is Kristin. I am going to be flying to Seattle,WA next month, to see my huband before he goes over to Iraq, with my toddler and my baby. When we fly out my little girl will be 16 months old and my baby boy will be 4 months old. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me to make this flight easier on us. My daughter is in that stage where she just wants to get down and run around and not sit still so I am a little nervous for this adventure. I have someone coming with me to help with the kids otherwise I wouldn't be able to bring both of them! I already plan on bringing a portable DVD player and Tarzan her favorite movie to try to keep her occupied. But the flight is 3 1/2 hours and I don't know if she will sit still for that long. I am not too worried about traveling with my son because when my daughter was 5 weeks old we flew with her and she slept the whole time. And I anticipate that he will be much easier to deal with than she will be. I am not sure if toddlers are the same way and fall asleep as well. Any advice to make this trip easier would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Wow I remember the flight solo with my son in lap and a full blown ear infection.  Surprisingly he did well.  Most of the time you will find that your children do better than you expect.  I brought enough snacks to last for 3 days on my last solo flight when my son was 17 months old and still sitting in my lap.  I also brought brand new toys or toys we had taken away for awhile.  Things will most likely go smoother than you think but I always travel with Benadryl, tylenol and mylacon, just in case.  They only time I have ever had an assigned seat for my son was when we flew to Okinawa Japan during out PCS and the Military paid for the seat.  Every other trip we have always had him travel in lap.  When we were lucky enough to get a flight empty enough for him to have his own seat he loved it but usually ended up in my lap a lot of the time anyways.  Next flight we take he will be over two and we will have to get him a seat..... but being older I am sure it will prefer that!  Good luck, I am sure things will go better than you expect.

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I know it costs more but I highly recomend paying for a seat for all 3 of you. I've been stuck with a kid in my lap for a long flight before and it Sucks!!! Once I was on a plane that had plent of extra seats. My son got his own seat for that flight and he did sooooo much better! I swore I would never have them sit in my lap when I was flying alone again.

I'm about to make a flight by myself from Washington state to Rota, Spain (our new duty station). I'll be 5 months preggo with 2 kids in tow. I am actually waiting till after my daughter turns 2 so the navy won't force me to travel with her in my lap.

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My daughter is 3 1/2 my husband has only flown with her twice, and she has been on over 20 flights!  So I consider myself a semi-pro when it comes to flying with two children, solo!  Just a few tips: be prepared for the unexpected, ex.  travel delays, and vomit, bring a new queit toy that the child has never seen, color- wonder markers (great for when the kids write all over the walls).  And just think this is 3 1/2 hours of my life, if it's a horrible flight it will be over in 3 hours!  Good Luck, and have fun kids love airports!

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I just flew to Germany with an 18 month old, total travel time 14 hours. Also with 2 other children and without my spouse. The flights (3) over all went pretty well. I was very concerned as the day approached as to how I was going to make it with my sanity. At times my 1 year old was frustrated with sitting but it was usually shortly before time for a nap, or sleeping for the night. He slept a total of 4 or 5 hours total between the 3 flights, so not nearly as much as he normally would have, but it still worked out great.

I pray your flight goes well, and just accept any help where it is offered.

Good luck

P.S. He also had a cold and ear infection, so I was able to use cold medicine as needed, which helped with some of the sleeping.

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I have made several overseas trips with my son, solo and with my spouse.  All before he turned 2 so he was not required to have a seat.  These are very long flights.  The longest flight on our trip is 14 hours but it is one of 3 flights was have to take to get to our destination.  I never had a DVD player as he is totally not interested in TV..... Even now at 21 months he would not watch it.  I would recomend requesting a bulkhead seat as this will give you plenty of room at your feet for your daughter to play.  It was a lifesaver for me.  CJ would sit on the floor and play with the toys I brought for him.  Yes he would want to run around and the galley is a great place for that.  We would spend hours in the rear galley with the flight attendants.  I would talk and CJ would play around in the wide area.  If you have someone to watch the baby or to run around with your daughter it will be just fine.  It is only 3 1/2 hours.  It will most likely be much easier than you think.... especially with help.  

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