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free military kit from the post office

User - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




It seems like a lot of ppl do not know about this...The USPS has a program for military family members and friends to supply them with packaging materials to send packages to troops overseas. If you call 1-800-610-8734 and select option # 1, Ask them for the "Military pack" they will send you boxes, tape, packaging materials and labels. They will also give you an I.D. number so if your supply runs low, you just call them up and they'll send you more supplies. The materials take about four to ten days to receive. Hope it helps a little!


Andrea - posted on 07/23/2010




You can also get supplies from the USPS website. They deliver it to your house for free also. Just wanted to add that for anyone who likes the computer more than the phone.


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User - posted on 07/28/2010




yeah spread the word girls;) some post man once asked me where i got the tape and i told him about it and he said that they usually dont give that tape out! we must be special:) marilis..that is unusual that they didnt send a full roll!!!

Marilis - posted on 07/27/2010




oh i got mine today :)! lil low on the tape they gave me tho ...geeesh i think the tape is enough for one box LOL but its ok im gonna order ask for more tape. but its a great thing im so happy i need to get the white slips and stuff to save some time when i go to the post office...carrying my one year on my hip while my 5 years talks to everyone about how her daddy is gone..its very fustrating especially the lines..this helps a lot thanks

Stephanie - posted on 07/25/2010




This will help a lot! Thanks, my husband just deployed yesterday and I want to start sending him stuff now since it will probably take a week or two to get to him.....Thanks again :)

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