Going back to college and childcare

Amanda - posted on 05/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im enrolled to start school soon, the first semester I am doing online classes, I would like to go full time to finish up quicker, does anyone know of ways to get help paying for child care. My husband is out to sea a lot! does anyone know how the early head start program works. I have 2 kids, 18mo and 5 mo


Nicole - posted on 05/30/2011




Well, I do my classes online and I am full time.... every night I spend doing homework after my daughter goes to sleep. I am pregnant now so it's gonna be tricky once I have a newborn but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!! That's how I see it! When we were at Lejeune and my husband was deployed I got a few hours a month of free childcare at the CDC but my husband is also gone a lot for training and that doesnt count for the free childcare and I still just stick to the same schedule as when he's here and do all my work at night. I know at Lejeune they only made you a priority to put your child in the CDC (which charges you based on rank) if you were taking classes on campus... online classes did not count. Here in Okinawa they do count online classes to make you a priority for daycare at the CDC but my daughter is in preschool two days a week now. The headstart program here goes by rank so e-4s and below have first priority, then e-5 and e-6, and then if they happen to have room e-7 and up can go. Officers can't apply at all. And the program is only for children that are 4. But that is here in Okinawa, it may be different elsewhere, you'll have to just call and look into it. My daughter is in preschool out in town here (which is expensive! yuck!) but try looking into government programs because I know they have some... just start calling around and asking! Or even see if you can set something up with a friend for them to watch your kids one or two days a week. Honestly, taking a couple hours every night I can get all my work done. Yes it sucks but its free and it's not impossible to do it this way. I actually love my proctored final exams because I actually get to just sit and focus only on my test for once because I HAVE to find someone to watch my daughter lol. How easy and nice it would've been to just finish my degree before I had kids!! But oh well, we do what we gotta do :) Good luck in school and way to go getting back into college!!! That's a big step!! :)

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