Has anyone else had their base assignment change so many times just weeks before PCS?

Jacqueline - posted on 06/02/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




My husband is PCSing from Elmendorf in Alaska in approximately four weeks, and, just when I start calling realtors and moving companies, we find out that the base has changed yet again. I am about to pull out my hair, because we are doing a DITY move because our stuff is a little overweight and could really use a little extra money. We will be taking a humongous pay cut, because my husband won't have his second job and we will no longer get COLA etc. Anyone else experienced all of this? How did you get through it?


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Stacy - posted on 06/29/2017




I am going through a similar situation, except we had our official orders handed to us for over a month now. My name was on the document, we had a final report date to go to Japan by the end of July, the movers were scheduled, I resigned from my job, ended the lease on the apartment, just to find out a few days ago that we won't be going to Japan again. I'm all sorts of confused, my husband doesn't even know his point of contact because he signed out of his last command. They haven't even told us where we are going to yet. Anyone have any advice ?

Saleena - posted on 06/09/2011




Maybe try a partial dity instead of a full dity. And always take a breath, step back and be thankful you get the chance to see the country and get paid for it!!! Oh and it's not snowing lol ;-) and as always Hurry up and Wait!! Good luck on your next adventure ;-)

Jenny - posted on 06/09/2011




I've had all types of things like this happen. We actually received orders unexpectedly to move in 6 weeks when we thought we weren't going to be moving for 6 months - the CO requested an earlier report date for my husband. We've had orders changed on us the day before they were to cut the hard copy for us. We've had to move without knowing where we would ultimately be - the ship was moving from the shipyard to its new homeport so we just moved to where the ship was headed even though we already knew my husband's replacement would be showing up just a few months after arriving at homeport and we still didn't have orders to anywhere! (We were in base housing and wouldn't be able to stay after the ship got to its homeport)

Be patient and don't make any big plans until you get those orders in hand. I like to set things up beforehand, too (like where to live) but this time around you might have to wait until you are on the road to your new home to do so - I've done that too. As for the COLA, get used to not having it, Alaska is considered overseas so it's higher here than elsewhere in the States. Depending on the ages of your kids, you could maybe get part time work to help make ends meet or do like we did - tighten the finance belt as much as possible. It's not comfortable, but you have to adjust your budget everytime you move somewhere else anyway because your allowances change. PCSing is a stressful process, just breathe and roll with whatever happens - neither you or your husband have any control over it. You'll survive, we all do.

Tina - posted on 06/09/2011




It sucks but it happens more than you know and sometimes even having orders in hand doesn't mean things can't change then too. We were all ready to go to Germany. We had our passports and was two days away from our appointment with household goods to set up the shipping of our stuff and my husband came home that afternoon with new orders to go to recruiting school. Then when he was finished with school we were told we were going to State College PA for him to recruit and then after a few days of searching for places there we were told they were sending us to Williamsport, PA. I know it's tough, just hang in there. Not much else we can do but go with the flow. Good luck with your move.

Jonnie - posted on 06/06/2011




Nothing is in stone til you have orders in hand and even then things might change. I feel your pain, my ex husband and I were at Elmendorf. You guys have to stick together and pull through. If your a stay at home mom you may have to get a job to keep the life your accustom to. If you wanna stay home with your baby, you need to look at jobs from home. A part-time job outside of the home isn't bad. We had to do a compassionate due to my health issues. HRC had 7 different military installations they could send us to. In the course of 6 months,HRC had us going over seas, staying state side, staying with the Army and going to Air Force babes. Finally, we got it set in stone to go to Fort Bragg.

Beth - posted on 06/05/2011




oh yes , when DH got back from Korea we were supposed to go to Ft Campbell and it changed several times before finally a week before we were supposed to PCS went to Ft Lewis , WA. and we were only THERE for 6 months.

Doh first I put Stewart lol that was on of the ones that it switched from.

[deleted account]

Hey you can make it! My husband is an E4 with one job. And we have three children and im a needy wife! :) But im looking for work as we speak. So where there's a will there's a way. Did I mention out 600 dollar a month car note!

Amanda - posted on 06/02/2011




Does your husband have hard copies of orders in his hands? If he doesn't, then don't do anything. We had orders changed from Delaware to North Dakota to Montana to Massachuttes to finally California. I never did anything (thank goodness) until those hard copies hit our hands. Good luck to you guys and be patient because yes this happens frequently....LoL.

Side note: Actually since you are doing a DITY then you could start packing and things of that nature. I mean just don't do anything big, like reserve a rental truck to a certain place or sign a lease for your new area.

Suki - posted on 06/02/2011




ours changed 5 times in the last year. Now its solid and orders cut for Camp Casey Korea for 3 years. I didn't set anything in motion until i seen the orders for our duty station and went to the levy briefings ourselves. I havent gotten as far as you, if korea changes i kind of will be upset...i already got tickets for my korean mother to go with us and i'd hate to have to tell her nevermind, we aren't going. Just breathe lady...it will be alright. depending on the miles and dont go over the daily per diem you should bank a bunch. i only went 649 miles and got back nearly 3,000.00 and the army moved us, i got that for just per diem and lodging...it was kind of sick really. Remember to stay within the per diem rate for food and lodging so you will get back that money and then some...they pay you for mileage too.

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