How do you handle snobby neighbors who wont let your kids play with theres?

Charlotte - posted on 04/05/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I have some neighbors who are very snobby. I have never been able to even talk to them bc the 1st time I said Hi The mom just ignored me. I felt stupid! Now everytime my little ones go outside to comes there little girls, and the girls are always wearing top of line clothes making my babies look like shit. They have all name brand toys and my daughter who is 2 tries so hard to play with them but they just snob her bc there toys are so much better!! Lillian my daughter is getting to where she goes inside when they come out!!! I dont know what to do or how to handle this!


Rebecca - posted on 04/08/2010




I just cme from Schofield Barracks, now at Fort Knox. My son had some really close girl friends and we put our kids in the dance class for 2 year olds. He loved it because they also did other things other then the dance and he met some great friends through this.
I don't know if other posts have the option for activities for 2 year olds but I would try to find something.
Ignore the neighbour and just tell her to play outside anyways. No need for her to suffer because your neighbours kids are stuck up.
Hope it works out.

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Don't worry about it! I have neighbors like that too. Just ignore them, your daughter will find friends who don't care about what type of cloths she wears or what toys she has. Just because they act like that doesn't mean there better than you it means they are insecure about themselves. You go about your buisness and live your life it will bug them more that it doesn't bother you. Happiness doesn't come from having things its appreciating what really matters to you and that in your daughter.

Tah - posted on 04/05/2010




find lillian new friends, now she is 2 how old are these kids, because if they are 2 i doubt they know the difference in having better toys or clothes. you can find programs on base to help her find friends. I wouldn't worry about it to much.

Monique - posted on 04/08/2010




I know how you feel. My 2 year old loves to go outside and play, and even though she is a bit younger than the other kids, they always scream at her, " we dont wanna play with you,leave us alone, etc" and she runs away crying. It breaks my heart because I would never tell my daughter to act like that nor would i allow it if i heard her do something like that. My daughter is full of life and likes everyone she meets, i hope that doesnt hurt her in the long run.


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Jackie - posted on 05/16/2013




we have a similar problem but perhaps worse. their kids are not allowed to play with anyone. mommy takes them to school. NO neighborhood kids are good enough. the parents have been rude many times and have accidently ruined our property (we've never made it an issue to keep peace). but enough is enough. this gets old when they try to tell us not to say (accidently) a bad word but the same hubby uses the "f word" quite often. We are mandatory reporters as are a number of other neighbors. What makes their kids so special? Why are they afraid of everyone? And the one time I made a comment and tried to apologize I got told "I have nothing to say" so now what? I've tried over the years to be friends. but I give up.

Dorene - posted on 04/08/2010




I say forget them and let them BE!! We know they are no better than anyone else in the world...this is just another great learning experience that you and your child will have to deal with. Teach her now that everyone will not be nice to you but they will have to respect you no matter what...and if your child feels safer by coming in the house when they come out then so be it...but first give it one more shot before blowing the neighbors off completely.

C. - posted on 04/08/2010




I agree with everyone here.. Go and get her some new friends. In Hawaii (on Helemano, not sure about Schofield), I know they had these things where kids and their parents went and played and ate.. It was a great time to bond with your kid, definitely, but you also got to meet other parents and their kids. I never went to them, but I know someone who did and she always ended up making playdates with the people she met there. Good luck!

Kimberly - posted on 04/07/2010




I agree with Tah Dula. Who cares about the neighbors then. Just be civil and move on. ::shrugs::

Tah - posted on 04/07/2010




My neighbor is a snob and according to her husband they dont have money cause she wont work, so some people are that way, i just wonder if the kids are or if they are older than your daughter, i dont punish children because their parents suck, but if they are being rude to her then as i stated before, help her find other friends to play with...

Michelle - posted on 04/07/2010




I would ignore this neighbor and her spawn. If these little girls come into your yard, I would tell them they need to go home. Encourage your little girl to play outside whether the other kids are out or not. Distract her with something she really enjoys. Have her help you in the garden or something. People like this often are snobby because they have money....not necessarily happiness. Enjoy the fact that you are happy. And you can giggle to yourself everytime your neighbor turns her nose up at you....because chances have something that she doesnt...and SHE is the one who is jealous.

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