Husband deployed and spending money like crazy

Jessica Lynn - posted on 04/15/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my husband has been deployed for while now. Once he got where he is he set money would spend a month or less. $100. Worked great until this month. He spent over $200 with tax return, then first paycheck another $200 and then today $100. So $500 total and the month isn't even over! I don't know what's going on with him we were suppose to use $400 of that for savings. We're about to have a baby and have almost everything for her. I talked to him the first time happened he said spent money on chips and dip and mountain dew. I said okay don't touch anymore then paycheck comes spends another $200 says chips, dip, and mountain dew, and a speaker. Then today looked at account he spent more again. I'm really stressed and worried cause who spends $500 on chips, dip, mountain dew, and a speaker all in not even a full month! Any advice on what could be going on with him cause that money doesn't add up to what he says he's using it on....


Cristina - posted on 05/29/2017




This will be my husband's first deployment and he has been there since February and has been spending money like crazy on top of that, he didn't send me money. We don't have joint accounts so I should've know better. I hope your husband realizes what he is doing and stops going crazy. One thing I will suggest though...I am learning the hard way, don't stress him out..I know you're probably thinking "what, I'm the one stressed out" but it'll only make things worst. Just calmly talk to him and if things don't get better now, they eventually will...just give it time. Good luck with everything!

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