I need help with this whole TRICARE deal!

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so i am newly married and have a babie on the way. my husband is in the marines and has already inlisted me into deers and TRICARE but i havent yet gone to get my military spouse ID. now here is my problem do i need to have my id before i can go see a doctor we just have standard and he is North Carolina right now and i am in California so i am having a hard time figuring this all out and i dont even know if i find a doctor that takes tricare what i have to bring with me when i see them. i just really need help


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below are links to some sites you might want to go to & get info. short story is you need your ID card ASAP & can get it in Cali even if hubby is not w/ you.

this is from eHow.com, about how to get your id card:

Things You'll Need:
Military orders, Power of Attorney (if unaccompanied)

Step 1
Determine if you are eligible for a military ID card. Active duty personnel, active duty family members, military retirees and their family members are all eligible for military ID cards.

Step 2
Ensure that eligible dependents are enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS). This must be done by the sponsor.

Step 3
Go to a Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) site.

Step 4
Bring a copy of your sponsor's military orders. Unless you have a power of attorney, your sponsor must accompany you to the RAPIDS site in order to receive a military ID card.

Step 5
Receive a tan or red ID card. The color of your card will depend on your sponsor's orders. Active duty dependents will receive a tan card, and guard or reserve dependents will receive a red card, unless their sponsor has been called to active duty, in which case they will need to receive a tan card.

Read more: How to Get a Military ID | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2083059_get-mili...

you can always (as in 24/7/365) call the people from MilitaryOneSource at: 1.800.342.9647 if you haven't heard of this yet, make it one of your go-to sites. this is run/funded by the DoD for military members & their families. the staff know or will find out for you what you need to do in pretty much any situation, whether it's ID related, mental health, PCSing (moving), and so on. take advantage of this!




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yes u have to have ur id and show it why didnt he get it all done at the same time with standard u have a copay i think all he needs to do is get a paper from deers sign it and u can get ur id with out him being there while thats how the army does it the last time i renewed my id we got a paper from deers because my husband was going to wlc when it was tiem to do it


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I have to show my military ID every time I even go see my PCM. And I had to have my military ID before I could go to the OBGYN. They take your ID and the insurance card. I'm not sure how Standard works, as I have Prime. But I am guessing that wouldn't be much different with the ID and all. You will probably have to get a referral to see a specialty provider (obgyn) that says you are pregnant. I had to have a referral, my insurance card and my photo ID. Call Tri-Care if you are unsure, they are extremely helpful and will explain everything you need to know, they get plenty of calls of new family members needing information. I hope this helps a little.

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