is branching out and making new friends easy?

Kendra - posted on 02/05/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband is almost done with his AIT and we will be moving to ft. gordon, ga in a couple weeks. We are actually from there so im not worried about being lonely or anything cause we have out familes and old friends of course. I wanted to really try harder and mingle with more military families though and even some of my husbands co-workers. we have been here (goodfellow afb) for the past 6 or 7 months and i have not met anyone and was hoping to change and have a fresh start. anyway is it easy when you move or do people kinda just stay in their comfort zone and not really try to be friendly?


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Mindy - posted on 02/06/2010




I think it depends on the area. We were stationed in CA when he was full time and had so may close friends.Such a melting pot there. Then we moved to AL where he is a reservist so we dont have the on Base community and all the locals are "Dug in like an Alabama tick " to their families and all the people they grew up with and have no room for anyone else.

Kendra - posted on 02/06/2010




thats another thing! im afraid age is gonna be a be problem with me. im only 20 with an infant. i want to have alot in common other than children

Crystal - posted on 02/06/2010




i want to go to ft gordon so bad i loved it there my husband went there to reclass to signal but its easy to make friends with drama i have learned that but sometimes u can find good friends if i were u i wouldnt get to close to military wives most of them like drama we were at ft sill for over a year only met 3 friends and we are now at ft polk havent meet an new friends my neighbors are nice but way older than we are

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i think a lot of it has to do w/your personality. i have never had a hard time meeting new friends where we have been stationed... im really outgoing so i dont have a problem just talking to ppl i dont know LOL a good ice breaker those is (if ur planning on going into base housing) is bake a batch a cookies for each of ur neighbors

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Well, it kind of depends where you go I guess. The few people I tried to get along with in Hawaii (I was depressed, so meeting people wasn't exactly a priority to me at the time), two of them I don't talk to anymore and the other one I stay in contact with via Facebook every now and then. It also depends on how open you are. Always have your guard up though. The first person I met in Hawaii was always telling my husband to send me back home and all that crap, so just be prepared that some may get jealous and some will be bitchy no matter what. I hope you are able to find good friends wherever you go.

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I'm usually really open and i never had problems finding friends... but i gotta say if you come to a base and you meet some women who are already in a group then it;s hard to get in to that group....
Maybe single people are easier to reach... at least that has been my experience. I'm friendly and i have things to talk about but if someone doesn't seem interested in my friendship i'm not gonna keep digging.
I had that problem when we moved down here to Lackland AFB. Our Squadron had a Spouses group but since they had already opened the group almost a year before we got there everyone knew each other and they had their little groups. I felt out of place a lot of times. I made a connection with maybe 2 other women in the group but not a deep friendship.
I did meet other people though through online groups, we got together for a play date for the kids and now i've found some really great friends. It might not be a lot of friends but i love them :-)

I also still have a few friends from our last base and we stay in contact. Hopefully someday we will get stationed together again.

Shannon - posted on 02/05/2010




It can be daunting, but you can meet people. I've started up friendships at the mailbox, at the parks with the kids, at the PX, at the commissary, at the pool. Even just sitting outside, letting your kids enjoy playing in the yard, can give an opportunity to meet others. Just be open, friendly, and you will meet lots of people. Good luck, hun!

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