it is valentine's day, so, i ask you,

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What do you ladies do to keep it SPICY!!!! and I don't mean your hot wings.......WHO ME , you say.......Well , first and foremost, I have never is over 4 years said NO!!!!..thats right never, I go to and order costumes and he loves a good nurses uniform. Then outside of that, we sneak away for weekends, leave the kids with Aunt thats why she doesn't want kids with 14 nieces and find a room with a jacuzzi, a little restaurant we have never even heard of, get a corner booth and just talk...about everything.....movies, walks on the beach..gotta make time for us in this whirlwind....SO, HOW BOUT YOU?>>...I'm sure we can all learn something from each other for this upcoming day, I'm sure someone is saying, he doesn't want another stuffed bear with fatigues on, so i'm out of


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Well, this year we won't be together for it since I am going out of town with my family and he's going to be working. But our anniversary of being together is the 25th so we'll probably make up for it then. One year he made a scanevger hunt for me lol but it was my idea he just went with it. So I am not too sure what we'll do but I'm getting some ideas!

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aundraya and amber..nice....and nothing wrong with thai food its how you get back to the basics....i never had it, you have me thinking now....

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we found a babysitter (thank god lol another military wifes hubby is over seas and shes going to have my boy and hers) so i am going toa nice and naughty theme... going to be a sweet innocent wifey in the day with breakfast in bed then a picnic for lunch in a secluded park lol haha then that night its make up and lingerie and maybe some high boots... i even bought a whip hahaha i think im going to be called veronica haha (that would be my slutty name) then the next morning just play it off like i didnt understand who veronica was or what he was talking about haha

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Tah, like you I have said no maybe once since we've been together (which might explain why my daughter showed up 8 months after we said "I do" lol), and since he's away this Vday, I did something a little out of the box. I'm more of the conservative type, but I went all out and found a decent photographer to do Boudoir photos. They came out looking like 50's pin-up pictures, and the lady that did them will ship 20 of my favorites in a little black book to him. He's supposed to get them this week. I really hope he likes them, and it was SO much fun to take them. I love trying new things to keep it "spicy", but I find you really don't have to try too hard when he's been gone for months and misses you anyway.

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I personally am a fan of burlap underwear. :D LOL Just kidding.

No, in reality, we only get to go out, just us, maybe once a year or less. We may get to go out for Valentine's Day since my mom is going to be in town, and wouldn't be hard to talk into watching the kids for the evening. (Speaking of which, SOMEBODY better have made the dinner reservations! We can always cancel them if we can't go.) If we get to go out, I have it on a good authority (meaning I overheard him talking about it) that we'll be going to this one really good Thai restaurant, and then who knows what. LOL Whenever we go out, we always eat Thai food. It's funny because my husband is Thai, but also because when we were first together, he asked me if I liked Thai food, and I lied and said I did, even though I had never eaten Thai food before at that point. Then I had one of my friends, who's a total foodie, go with me to every Thai restaurant in town, and teach me about Thai food so I didn't look like an idiot in front of my hottie Thai boyfriend (now husband! LOL). I told him about this right before our wedding because I thought it might come out in the toast at the reception since the friend who I had teach me about Thai food was my best man (yeah, I had a best man. Why not?) and notorious for that type of thing. My husband thought it was hilarious, and every time we go out, it's for Thai food. I'm not sure if it's just because that's what's familiar to him, or because he wants me to get the most mileage out of my sneakiness at the beginning, but it always reminds us of that, and in that context, the early days of our relationship, when things were simple... relatively speaking. It's nice.

I'm sure that does not count as keeping it spicy, but hey, Thai food is spicy, so why not?? ;)

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My husband in the 9 years we have been married has only been home twice for Valentines Day so our typical Valentines Day is him sending me flowers and if he is in the FOB then a convo on Skype....haha.

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last vday was ruined by a family get together gone wrong! lol this year im gonna try to make up for it but he says he doesnt have any fantasies or anything, si i guess im just gonna do breakfast in bed...nice dinner then plan ol sex later on. also its hard with a baby and we dont know anyone to babysit...maybe next yr though!

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