Military Move 8 month Pregnant. What should I know?

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My husband just finished ROTC at Ohio State and will be leaving for BOLC in a few weeks and will be there until Oct. 13. After that we will be off to Ft Lewis, WA. The kicker is that his report date is Nov. 13 and my due date is Nov. 15.
Our plan is to get moved out to Washington as soon as we can after he finishes BOLC. We plan to drive since a lot of airlines won't take me after 36 weeks and we have a 6 year old pit-bull that is not permitted on all airlines (he also makes us ineligible to live on base).
With this being our first military move I don't know what to expect, and with timing being so sensitive I am getting very worried and we won't be able to pull it off. I don't know if anyone has any advice for how to make this easier, but if you do please let me know.


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we moved a week after our daughter was born (first military move also) and it's tough but manageable. i would recommend looking into housing before getting out there. get a list of 3-4 places that meet your requirements before heading out. we ended up moving out to ft carson (where my man is stationed) before finding a home- ended up living in a motel for a week and rushing into the first house that was available without checking everything out (i.e.- realised this house doesn't have a.c.- oops!). especially having pets you want to look into your housing options and figure out what you are eligible for.
do you know if you guys are going to have the military move you or are you guys moving all your belongings? we had the military move our stuff (had an issue with getting the paperwork filed) but otherwise it was very helpful to have them move our belongings for us. if you do have the military move you, they won't transport any cleaning supplies or combustibles.
the best advice i can offer you is to breathe and take the move one step at a time. it's stressful but it's all temporary stress :) good luck and keep your head up! it'll all work out! :D

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