Moving to NS Mayport FL - any pics of Bennett Shores housing?

Angela - posted on 11/15/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello! I'm new here. My DD and I are going to be moving to Mayport FL to be with my DH very soon. We'll be getting base housing, Bennett Shores. I've seen the old housing pictures from the website, but DH is requesting the updated and remodeled Bennett Shores housing and there are no pictures of those houses. Anyone have any pics or can tell me how nice they are? Thanks!!!

BTW - DH is an E4 so it's not the senior enlisted housing on base.


Michelle - posted on 01/16/2012




Hate to tell you but I've heard enlisted housing in Mayport is a dump. I have a friend stationed there and she complains non-stop about how much she hates the housing there. The updated housing is only for officers so you most likely won't be getting that. The enlisted housing area is just insanely old. The base is right on the beach which is nice but its small and old. It looked really run down from what I could see. Luckily, Jacksonville is a huge city with some great areas and plenty to do so I am sure you will be able to make the best of it.

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