my husband thinks his job is soooo important! *gag*

Kendra - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




my husband if very confident, which is great, good for him. but he is so cocky and full of himself to the point that it gets on my last nerve! he is so proud of being in the army. (which is a point) anyway he works in signals and is constantly saying how important and awesome his job is. he puts everyone elses jobs down because they just arent as good as his.

example: the other day we were at his moms house (she is retired military) and he was making fun of her saying something like "you guys just had to do yard work" she replied saying she didnt know where he was getting this from, she never worked outside, and that he and the rest of the MI (military intel) think they are so much better than everyone.

recently i got a job at sephora, cause to him being a SAHM and taking online classes wasnt enough work. anyway, got the job at sephora, came home from working 4 hours yesterday n 7 the previous...and i was complaining that my feet were hurting (i stand up all day and i am pregnant, my chest is huge now, my back is hurting, my feet are hurting, and i am always hungry n tired!) anyway then after me saying how my feet hurt, he had the nerve to say that my job wasnt hard. ok no, its not that hard, working at a makeup store is fun! but being pregnant and standing for hours on end is the hard part. anyway so i told him, and your job is hard?! you sit at a desk all day?

he did not like this at all and got very mad. he is always making his job seem like its soooo important. i got my job because of him! and he STILL says im not working hard enough?! what does he want me to do? join the army?! become president?! it seems to me that he only respects the ppl he works with. everyone else are like scum to him! and honestly, him acting like this makes me HATE the military! it turned him into some cocky asshole!

ugh! drives me crazy! anyone else has a husband like this?


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Shawn - posted on 09/23/2010




My husband went through that phase for a while. He finally outgrew it and realized he was acting very childish and everyone plays a role that is important. He has never treated me as if my "job" as a SAHM wasn't important, but he knew I was happier when I went back to work when our kids started school.

Have you looked into your local ACS (Army Community Service)? AFTB (Army Family Team Building) offers classes for military spouses to help them learn how to navigate the military life. Classes include learning how to read an LES (the military paystub) and military acronyms. Even if you aren't able to go to your local ACS to take the courses you can go online and take them. They are all FREE. It might help you feel more empowered with your role as a military spouse. Your job is important, don't ever let him make you feel otherwise.

Crystal - posted on 09/23/2010




wat is his mos my husband is 25u which is signal also and their job is important but not to the point to point it out my husband works on radios if it was for his mos nobody could communicate my husband is not like this when my husband deployes in less than a month his mos his critical he cant go out or anything because they dont have any extra men to replace him ur job is just as important as his u are caring his baby and working to help support ya'lls family he needs to get over himself and be a soldier how long has he been in

User - posted on 09/14/2010




Wow. Your husband would drive me crazy too. I can't believe you stand all day. I would tell my husband that you work very hard. You work harder than him, making a baby! I can't believe you got a job because of him while pregnant.

If I could, I'd have my husband teach yours a lesson. I am a SAHM. My husband knows I work very hard every day taking care of our daughter, the dog, and cleaning the house. If I ask him to do something like clean the kitchen, he does it.

My husband works on computer too. He doesn't think this is some all powerful, high and mighty job but he makes the best of it and does the best he can.

Kendra - posted on 09/14/2010




@ tah - thank you, making my own money now! lol and yes pregnant again due feb 26 and then i am gonna find a bc that actually works! LOL!

@ Heather- My husband tries to outsmart me all the time. Even when he knows I am right in some cases, it makes him really upset. My father was in MI (a translator) also and he would always tell me that his job was so mentally draining because he would have to translate arabic into english. Arabic is his native tounge but he still had lots of trouble with english, there would be many times i would help him with his work. So with that im sure what my husband does is mentally draining, BUT it is hard to really believe he is "working hard" when he comes home everyday and i ask him what did her do all day and his reply is always nothing. sometimes he tells me that out of the entire 8 hours he only worked 1. Idk what they have him doing all day. it drives me insaen cause i dont just take care of our daughter for one hour of the day.

@ everyone- i guess i dont hate the military, i mean, they are providing my children n i with health care. but idk, i havent really been impressed with my husbands attitude since he has gotten out of basic. i never know what he is talking about half the time anymore. then when i ask, he tells me dont worry about it. so i go to my mother in law with all my military questions.

Heather - posted on 09/13/2010




Try talking to a Pilot.
My husband is not like that, and he is also an oxymoron (MI). Sure he's cocky, but its more about him being smarter, than him working hard. And from what I've heard, (which isn't much, all classified) they really don't work that hard most of the time. Their work is mentally engaging, but like you said they "sit at a desk all day"
I will tell you though, that he will never apreciate your pregnancy. He will never be able to understand how uncomfortable, and exhausted you are, at least my husband hasn't.

Candi - posted on 09/13/2010




My husband used to think I had it easy until he had to try to take over my schedule! He said there is no way he could do what I do all day!He will not hesitate to tell [people I work way harder than he does! Not to mention his deployments and how well we handled life while he was away for 12-15 months at a time! He knows I miss working, but he also knows my being a SAHM is the best for our children and thats all that matters

Holley - posted on 09/13/2010




my hubby is also MI and he has never acted like that or any of the people he works dont hate the military just cuz your husband think his shit dont stink...and i cant believe anyone would think that working on your feet while being pregnant isnt hard he must be crazy lol

Tah - posted on 09/13/2010



400 prob brought out the cocky a hole in him, and the fact that he is growing up and people change...but i am proud of you for getting a job because we know how he was acting before now.....tell him it bothers you and when he comes home have a corner of the house marked out for him with a hat and tell him anytime he feels extra self important and wants to put you down he can go do it in his "delusions of grandeur" corner....and leave you the heck alone...i cna't beleive your pregnant again luck..

Amanda - posted on 09/13/2010




dont have a HUSBAND like this but my sons father is in the military and is like this he thinks hes better then everyone else always putting ME in particular down by beeing a stay at home mom saying that hisjob is more important then mine taking care of his son and yes it is veryyyy annoying :)

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