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OPINIONS!! I started a new community called Product Testing Mommies.. It's where moms can come and share their honest opinion about products they have tried. There is no limit as to what kind of products to review.. Cosmetics, baby products/gear, toiletries, cleaners.. It's all welcome. We want your honest opinions so other moms can either be warned about a product or they can find that perfect product through other's reviews. This is also great for new moms so they can get reviews about all kinds of baby/mommy products that are out there and they can decide on what products to try based on reviews to help weed out the unnecessary purchases.. B/c let's face it, as moms, we end up so making many purchases to find that perfect product for our child and a lot of it could be avoided.. Especially for those who are short on cash. Come join our group! We can't wait to hear from you!


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I really was thinking "discipline" lol When I was in the Army...basic training Drill sgts made us say "need more....discipline"


Anyway, good luck

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