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In about 6 weeks, I am flying out to Spain from Washington state. Long plane flight!! I will be traveling at about 21 - 22 weeks pregnant with 2 small kids in tow. No, no one can fly with me. I gotta do it all by myself. What fun...

Any way, I need all advise or tips for preparing for the trip.

Is it worth risking them losing our 2 car/booster seats by checking them rather than toting them through all the airports? If I do tote them through the airport with us, how do I hang on to them and my 2 very energetic kids...and carry on bags? I'm sure I can get help from airport staff, while in the U.S., but will the airport in Madrid help? That is if I can figure out how to ask for it! lol

There is just a lot of stuff to consider and I'm not looking forward to this flight.


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Traci - posted on 05/02/2009




Most airports that I have flown to had places where you could get a carseat from should they lose your carseat. Basically you rent it out for free until either they find the one that was lost or you purchase a new one until you can process a claim. Not sure if Madrid airport has something like that but always could look into it.

Debbie - posted on 05/02/2009




I will still say that JFK is the worst airport I have flown in and out of followed by O'Hare. Madrid was easier, but that was several years ago. Good luck on the flight.

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Double stroller you can strap the car seats to it and still have room for the carry on bag and at the gate you take the seats off and put them in the seats for the plane ride. That's what i did when i had to fly with my son when he was little. its tough no matter how you do it. Hope this helps good luck and have a safe trip.

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Thank you both! It does make me feel better to know that there should be someone speaking English in Madrid. Someone told me it was the worst airport in the world. Would you agree, Debbie?

And the tip about the kids meal is one I haven't heard before. It would be so nice if I didn't have to fight them to eat. Normally I never cater to them when I cook; but on a flight like this, I want to avoid as much conflict as possible!

I think we did solve the car/booster seat problem. My daughter's car seat (hand me down from my son) really does need to be replaced. It is old and doesn't meet current standard for car seats. I also noticed stress marks in the plastic last time I took it apart to clean it. I'm going to have my husband buy a new one out there and have it already in the car when we get there. The booster seat is small and light and should be an issue to take with us.

Amy - posted on 04/27/2009




I would also suggest medication in the event one of them gets a fever on the plane. On our trip from Philly back to Okinawa my youngest ( 6 ) started crying about his ear. Low & behold not only did his ear hurt but he had a fever & was throwing up. I was never so thankful to have quite a few options of medicine in my back pack. I made sure I had medicine for my husband & I if needed. Oh & since you are flying over seas you may call the airline at least 12 hours before flying & request kids meal at no cost to you. Since the meal is free anyway. They will ask the name of the kids who will be getting them. They do not carry kids meals on the plane but when asked they are supplied with the exact amount asked for. We did it for the flight back:) Crayons & coloring books are great also. Anything to keep them busy.

Debbie - posted on 04/27/2009




Take a stroller. They will check it right before you board. I only flew from Chicago to Seatac, but I had a 2 and 3 y/o with me. Take plenty of their favorite snacks, some activities, fave blanket/critter. Haul the car seats with you. Think what you are going to do if they have lost them. I balanced the car seats on the stroller and had the kids walk on either side of me. You won't believe how much help you will get from people though. When I flew to Madrid years ago, almost everyone spoke English and all of the customs officers did. This may sound weird, but the week before you fly out, have your pediatrician check for ear infections.

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