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My husband is stationed at Little Creek Amph. base. Anyone nearby? He's going to Iraq for a year in less than 2 weeks. We just had our first child, and I don't have any family or friends around to lean on. I would like to meet other wives in the area mostly to help get through this difficult deployment.


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I went to the website you recommended, and signed up for a group in the area. Just waiting to hear back from them.

Deidre - posted on 06/03/2009




Hey there :) I'm glad you joined this site... I'm in the area as well! My husband is stationed at NOB but we live pretty close to Little Creek Base, I do our grocery shopping there hehe. There is also a site that you may want to check out to meet a group of women in the area with the same interests as you (I'm part of the group Moms In Need Of Fun on there). Also, I'm part of a forum geared specifically towards Navy Significant Others called A Sailor's Better Half. The website for that is so you may want to check that out to have another place to talk about Navy talk and other everyday stuff. Anyway, if you'd like, you can call me at 757-409-5656 and we can see about hanging out sometime :) My daughter is just over one, my one and only baby right now so she'll be with me :) (My name is pronounced Dee-dra).

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