PCS'ing to Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Deirdre - posted on 01/07/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hello fellow Military Moms,
I am on my way to Fort Leonard Wood in about 60 days and was wondering a couple of things.....
Information about the high school, middle school & elementary school.
On Post housing
CYSS After school Program (SAC & Teen Centers)
Leisure TIme and trips offered through outdoor rec or MWR.

Any information will be welcomed.
The only information that I get now is Negative.
Right now we are stationed in Germany and I am hoping it dont get no worst than where we are at now.
Your help will be greatly appreciated!
Mom on the Move!


Steph - posted on 01/13/2011




Hello! Well as far as FLW, MO I loved it there as a kid and teen!! My father is or was ARMY! Since I was born we have lived there twice. I attended preschool-1st grade i loved my teachers they were awesome! Then we returned when I was a jr. In high school I graduated there! Woo hoo!! It is a small town they built a new high school. Umm let's see I know waynesville high school and the town are football fans so if you have a son in high school that would be awesome for him. Since I was stationed there a lot has changed, but stay positive and you just might love it there! I know my family did!! Look for the tanger outlets and visit Branson there stuff to do there you just have to look!! God Bless hope to hear how you like it there!!!

Vanessa - posted on 01/13/2011




Hi Deirdre,

I have lived in Waynesville for the past two years and my husband has been here for the past three. In my opinion this is and amazing area. My husband and I have traveled almost all of Missouri site seeing while we lived here and it's a beautiful place. There are many camping places around here and the Lake of the Ozarks is great summer spot to fish swim and just recreational.
As far as the schools go, they have an extremely great school district here. Waynesville Hight school is in a new building that is amazing, the middle school is just as great along with the elementary. I have one son, not old enough to go to school but we have been involved in the Parents as Teachers program that is ran by the Waynesville school district and they are amazingly attentive to you every need and are very helpful.
As far as post housing goes I can't tell you much, as we lived off post. Post does get hit by tornados a lot. It's located in a valley type area that makes it prone to get hit by them. Waynesville and St. Robert always have been missed by such storm as for all pass through Fort Leonard Wood. As weird as it sounds, the time we've been here everything heading for us fall on post.
I have no complaints from this place except for one thing, their hospital is not the very best. Although, they are working to improve it the way things are ran there is possibly the worst I have experienced. My son was running a fever of 105.9 in the ER room and they had us sitting in the waiting room for like 30 minutes before he was called in. Seriously! my son could have had seizures and could have confronted serious problems. Like I said that is one of the many complaints I have from that hospital. One other thing is, the commissary baggers are one of the most ungrateful human beings ever. After being tipped they complain about the money you tip them, these are the high school baggers. So what my husband and I began to do is just taking our own groceries to our cars ourselves. These two things are the only problem and complaints my husband and I had.
This being a training post you will expect to see hundreds of privates walking around on the weekend which is somewhat aggravating since you can't shop without bumping into one of them or touch anything without getting sick.
Best of luck to you and your family! This is a wonderful place I really hope you enjoy it. :)

Amy - posted on 01/13/2011




i lived about about 40 min away from there and it is a nice area. there are nice houses for rent outside the base. there is a new nex and a nice commissary. not to scare you but there was a tornado that just hit the basae a few weeks ago so i would try to contact the housing office. not sure how many houses were lost. if you have any question about the area please fell free to ask

Karla - posted on 01/13/2011




Deirdre, I dont live there, but my Dh has done trainings there, and we live about 1 1/2 hrs from there, so we dont know anything about the schools. I was just hired at the PX where we live, and trained up there, and there were probably 25 in my class, which were hires from the PX, and fast food places around the post. Depending on what you are looking for I guess! From our experience, we like the post. They have a nice new PX, swimming pools, a bowling alley and movie theatre on post, nice parks, running trails. They have some nice new housing recently built. There were over 120 homes damaged in the tornado a few weeks ago. The town connected to it is small, but nice. St Louis is about an hour and a half away I think? Not a lot to give you, but hopefully it helps. It isnt huge, but I dont know where you are now! Hope you enjoy it! The weather varies quite a bit, we just had some just above zero weather and snow (5 inches), but is sposed to warm up over the weekend and will prolly melt... during the summer it can get hot, and i dont like the humidity here, but I know it gets worse further south (I'm from up north! Good luck!

Amanda - posted on 01/09/2011




I've never lived there, but I pass through there every time I drive from Oklahoma up to Pennslyvania. I just want to say the area is pretty! Coming from a flat plain land like Oklahoma, it is very refreshing to see trees :) I also know they have decent hotels there and not too far away up in Rolla. I've had to stay there a few times obviously.

Ft. Leonard Wood is the base that got hit by the torando a week and half ago. It was some freak storm. It started in Oklahoma and moved upwards. It is so rare for us to get tornados this time of year. They had some damage from what I hear.


BTW, don't let people scare you off. Just remember every person's perception is different. I personally hate this base I'm at in Oklahoma, but I know lots of people who actually like living here. It's all in what you make of it. ;)


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We were stationed there from 03-06, but lived off post in Rolla, about 1/2 hour north on Rt 44. Some of the nicest people I have ever met live there. I liked the commissary & the PX, both updated when I was there, & have no compaints about the health clinics. Good luck!!

Carah - posted on 01/08/2011




My husband did his basic and ait there its a very small place when i went up there in 2009 in Feb. they got 7 inches of snow and the whole base was closed but other then that i loved it there i told my husband that is where we should go after he gets back from his deployment and done with his time in germany wish ya all the best of luck

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