Pcsing to Schofield Barracks, Hi!!!!! NEED POSTIVE INFO PLEASE!!!!!

Crystal - posted on 01/25/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




we plan to try to live off post so looking ofr good neighborhoods that are kid friendly we have one child so everything has to do with her to make her adjust as best as possible since this will be the first time she will be old enough to understand whats going on and that we are moving Would like to know abt the area. how the schools and abt dance classes or gymnastics whats there id to do there i dont wont to go so need good postive info i have heard alot of negative info so please no negative info


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Ginger - posted on 01/29/2012




We lived in Mililani too and love it. My husband is Navy, but we shopped at Schoffield often. It is a nice base. The island is beautiful everywhere you go. Enjoy your time there.

Elizabeth - posted on 01/28/2012




My husband and I have lived in both Mililani and Royal Kunia and liked both. Mililani is better though. It's closer, there's Town Center with the movie theater, Walmart, and restaurants. Plus it is close enough to come home from Schofield for lunch. The commute to work isn't bad either because there are two lanes all the way to post and a couple gates to go in.

Royal Kunia isn't bad, but Kunia road can get pretty congested because there is only one lane going each direction and everyone is always going the same way (to or from work) not to mention a lot of people live off Kunia road (Ewa is a really nice area too, but too far for my taste).

Crystal - posted on 01/27/2012




thank you we have been looking at Mililani but we look at Waipio it does suck not being abt to visit our family and we will check out the beach my daughter is only 4 and she has been ready to go to the beach since we told her and she tells everybody so it helps a little with her being excited just worried how she will be when she realizes we not coming back to her home or see her any of the family do you know abt the schools

Tiffany - posted on 01/27/2012




For one you are so lucky to be moving to Hawaii :)

There are TONS of things to do there. I was born and raised in Hawaii but my husband and I recently got stationed in Kansas. ):

Okay, so my opinion the best areas to live in that are semi close (14-20 mins drive according to google, which isn't as long as that) to schofield are two areas called Mililani or Waipio. Mililani is more pricier when it comes to homes but they are worth it, they have a small shopping center in their area such as movie theaters and lots of food places. I also love Waipio area. Homes are very nicely made and also again near a lot of mini malls. There is also a gymnastics gym in Waipio :)

All in all Hawaii is an amazing place to raise children mainly because of all its culture and there is TONS of things to do. If you and your family love the beach, the nearest beach would be in Haleiwa side which is just a straight drive up from schofield also thats where north shore is, usually hosts tons of surfing competitions there. On the east side of the island their is a tourist area called Waikiki that has everything, beaches... night clubs... restaurants... shopping areas... I'm sure that you and your family will have an amazing time living in Hawaii. Besides not being able to drive to other states to go back home and visit family. (What me and my husband are going trough, so wishing there was a road that connected us to Hawaii lol) Hawaii is a really good place to live :)

Also if you don't drive there are buses to take you place to place so you can basically explore the island without paying much.

I hope this helped a little.

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