PCSing with stepchildren :: HELP !

Allana - posted on 01/12/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




So I’m finding myself in an overwhelming and stressful situation. My husband received orders to Okinawa, and we also recently found out we’ll be expecting our first child together.
However, I have a son from a previous relationship (not marriage). And I was hoping I could get some feedback on previous experiences and/ or help!

My son, who is 3 - I have physical custody of, and I am the only person listed on my son’s birth certificate. The custody agreement in place states “mother to have physical custody and mother and father to share legal, and the father to have reasonable visitation.”
My son’s biological father sees him every Sunday from 9-4, and every other weekend he gets him from 539 Saturday to 4 Sunday. I’ve also offered Skyping/ FaceTime and phone calls whenever he’d like. (He’s never once taken advantage of those options). He pays $150 every 2 weeks, no court order - just a small amount we’ve agreed to per month.

My son is covered health wise under Tricare. And my husband has been a part of my son’s life for more than 2 years. He provides the roof and food over our heads. I don’t work- I recently quit my job to be a stay at home mom.

I have been very open with my so ‘a Father about us PCSing and everything. I let him know the week we found out, and have been trying to keep an open and honest line of communication. At first he said we could figure things out between us, and keep it civil. Now he’s become extremely hesitant and seeming like he’s going to Contest the move, and I’m beyond stressed and freaking out.

So my question is.... how likely would it be for a judge to allow me and my son to move, if my son’s father contests it? Any good visitation schedule recommendations? Any help or tips or just words of encouragement are sooooo appreciated!

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