Potty Training Advice Please!!!

Brandie - posted on 12/04/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




My husband is deployed. I have two year old twin daughters. I got the potties, the pullups, and I am losing my mind! They will sit on the potty for an hour and as soon as they get up and pull their pullups up they potty.. What should I do?? What did you do?? Thanks!


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Schollin - posted on 12/07/2009




I started potty training my son around his 2nd b-day they're were days he would do awesome and days he refused finally i just realized he wasnt ready I decided only to encourage him to use it but not make it an all out task force because I was also "losing my mind"..from experience your not going to win they have to chose to be ready...to my suprise on a 4 hour car ride my 2 and 1/2 year told me that he wasnt going to use diapers any more and has been using the potty very well since..even on the way..of course we have accidents but even my husband felt safe taking him out in public w/ big boy underwear on the other day..

Chrissy - posted on 12/06/2009




Hello, I have twins also. IT was a task starting potty training. I started them at 2, and it didn't go so well. So we gave up and started again at 2.5 years, it got a little better. So it didn't work and started all over again at the age of 2 years and 9 months. I took them at the same time to the potty. We went every 20 minutes even if they stated they didn't have to go. Eventually, they went in potty....reward them~they got candy! it worked. I also cutted drinks off at 7pm!!! That way no wetting the bed, and what they did have to drink flushed through them by 9:30pm. We didn't go anywhere during this process of training, so 2 weeks straight at home(uggg) but it worked. By the third week...DONE! I still don't give drinks after 8PM, and NO problems of wetting the bed for me. Plus you need to remember....they need to be in a toddler bed, this gives them access to get up and potty at night when needed! Just take deep breaths and remember. twins are usually behind becasue of early births....they will let you know when they are ready! I hope this helps you out, Good Luck!

Ann - posted on 12/06/2009




They have plastic undies to go over the big girl panties keep your sofas and carpets a
bit neater...worked for me in a week.

Julie - posted on 12/05/2009




I started my oldest at 2 but he wasnt fully trained until 3 years old and what worked for him was a potty chart. I made a chart off of the computer and he would get one sticker for pee'ing in the potty and two stickers for going number 2. Once a row was filled up he got to pick a prize out of the box. I went to the dollar store with him and let him pick things out for the box in advance...he really wanted the toys he picked out so he continued to use the potty.

Stephanie - posted on 12/05/2009




The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not even trying to potty train until the child is 27 months old. That said, if you as their mom believe they are ready, try big girl panties. Use the Pull-Ups at bedtime, but not during the day. All three of my children got it in their own time. Do not push too much or punish for accidents. That can actually delay success. Reward effort by praising them and making it a point to praise them to others (like grandparents or aunts and uncles) in front of them. Their sense of pride for making you happy is a great motivator. Make small successes a big deal and accidents no big deal (like telling them it's okay, they will make it next time). Also, have them help clean up if they do have an accident. My oldest son refused to potty train until I got tired of cleaning up after him. One day he had an accident in his underwear and I had him rinse them in the sink and put them in the washer. He then got clean clothes on, by himself, and has not had an accident since. Above all, be patient.

Angie - posted on 12/05/2009




I agree, ditch the pull-ups! They are a waste. If one of your twins is the dominant one, try potty training her first, hopefully the other will follow. Girls are usually easier than boys, but my last one didn't get potty trained till 2 weeks before his 3rd birthday. Panties or underwear didn't work for me till they got the idea down packed. They ran around naked for a week or so, not at night though.

Tammy - posted on 12/05/2009




Wait until they are ready but keep playing the game of sitting on the potty when they want to. It can not be a punishment but has to be something they can control. Many kids are not ready until 2 1/2 to 3 yrs old. It is hard to learn how to hold it and release it on a potty. When they have a real intrest in going on the potty and actually can pee this is when you go out and buy big girl patties then set a timer for every 20 minutes to go and try. When they go, give them an M&M or some other small treat as a reward. M&Ms have always worked with my daycare kids. After a couple of days they will have it.

I have 4 children, one grandchild and ran a home daycare in the states before moving. I pushed my oldest to get potty trained just over 2 yrs old so she could go to preschool and she had accidents until she was 5. My sons were just over 2 1/2 and almost 3 when they wanted big boy underwear with pockets in the front and it took 2 days to totally train them. My youngest is just 20 months and has been potty trained for almost a month (even at night). We had been playing with sitting on the potty for many months but a month ago, she came to me and said "me pssss." I took off the diaper and she did it. We played with it the rest of the day with no accidents then the next day, I put a diaper on her while we were out for 2 hours, she came home dry so we set the timer for the next two days and she's got it. Only one accident at night and minor accidents as she runs for the bathroom but doing so great.

Good luck; it is a big task but when they are ready it will be so much easier than pulling your hair out now.

Ashley - posted on 12/04/2009




well as i tell everyone DON'T PUSH it.. because then it will seem like forever to you.. and they may not be ready my little one wasn't ready until she was 3... and in 2 weeks no more diapers... and just in time for pre-school.. don't drive yourself crazy.. let it take its course.. even tho they are wearing a diaper they can still take them off to go to the potty.. but take them don't wait for them to tell you they have to go..

Rebecca - posted on 12/04/2009




Throw out the pull ups!!! Buy big girl underwear...let them pick out what ones they want to wear. Buy bristol board and some stickers from the dollar store and everytime they go they get a sticker. To insure the pee doens't soak through so it's gets the floor dirty i used pantyliners wtih my son and it worked great. Tehy are thin enough for him to feel that he wet himself and thick enough to catch what he does...except poop of course lol. He now asks to go potty and we don't have to use the liners anymore. I had to use them for about 4 days and he has been accident free fro about 2 weeks i think now. Only use pull ups when you have to go for a drive or to the mall at the beginning of training. Then once they get better at home try a short drive to a little shop close by and see if they ask to go pee. Pack an extra pair of pants just incase.

Good luck!

Julia - posted on 12/04/2009




GET RID OF THE PULL UPS!!!!! Buy them big girl panties...make sure that they know that they are big girls and get to wear big girl panties. I will warn you now you will have to clean up a couple of messes. However this worked in less than a month with my daughter. I only put pull ups on her at night and in the very beginning if we were going to go out shopping or something. But it worked like a charm!!! This especially works for little girls because little girls will have an accident once or twice and realize that they don't like the feeling of being wet!

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