Relocating with a stepchild

Allana - posted on 06/13/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are due to negotiate orders next month and pcs next year. With all the talk of moving, I've began to get extremely stressed on the issue that will arise with my son's biological father/ my ex. I am the sole parent on his birth certificate and my ex and I do have a custody order in place with the courts. I have physical custody and my ex has reasonable visitation. He only sees my son for 2 hours every week and never asks for more and has no interest in participating in any events I invite him too - for my son - like birthdays and holidays. He doesn't call nor asks how he's doing during the time he doesn't see him. We do not have a child support order - nor does he offer any financial help. My husband and I provide 100% for my child - food, clothing, toys and medical expenses, etc. whenever I have mentioned financial support my ex stares "I'm not paying you anything, because I want my son 50/50". Yet he's never taken me to court for more time or anything. So I truly believe he'd only want 50/50 as to not pay support if I took him to court for it. I am terrified of my ex attempting to fight me with the relocation and moving. Has anyone dealt with anything similar or have any insight/ recommendation?


Aishwarya - posted on 06/20/2017




I am so sorry about your feeling anxious about your upcoming PCS and how your son's biological father would respond to it. Have you considered writing to him an email that you are going to be PCSing, however you are willing to let him be more involved with your son even after you move? Co-parenting, while being in the military is hard, but is doable. Perhaps, you and your son's biological father can work out a plan together on how you could co-parent your son? Praying for you!

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