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I am going to be going back to work on the 29th of this month for the first time since we had our daughter.. I am freaking out about putting Gabby in child care or leaving her with a sitter.. I dont like the fact of her being with anyone I really dont know. N I have no clue what to do.. Im in the military too so its not like I have a choice in the matter.. I still havent found anyone and the clock is ticking down.. I need a good reliable sitter that I can trust with my life, because Gabby is my life!! Any suggestions?


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Rebecca - posted on 12/19/2009




You're so lucky it's only a 6 months wait where yuo are. The base we are on is 3 years...which is stupid becasue people usually get posted out every 4 years so it makes no since to me but that's what i've been todl month after month...Put your name on that list my dear and keep your fingers crossed. Interview all people you can. Ask if the other kids in their care have all their immunizations and ask if they keep proof on hand...if they don't, i woud'nt leave my kids with them. Ask if lunchs,snacks and milk is included in the price and what they do for activities. How many children will be in their care at once and what are the ages they do care for. Ask for refrences and call on them. If you have someone close to yuo that you trust right now that would be willing to do it until she got in to base care then go that route. Also ask if they will provide reciept for your taxes at the end of the year and make sure you sign a contract on all the points they say is offered by them. Nothing signed and at the end of the year they can decide it would benifit them not to give reciept...i've seen it done many times by people and it irritates the crap out of me.

A friend of ours had a 4yr old that she was home with already so when my husband went off parental when our son was 8 months we went with her and we felt safer as we knew her and we knew the money would help them out. she was already home so why not:)

Good luck!

Julia - posted on 12/19/2009




Yeah I would suggest the home child care as well! I went through the same thing when I was in with my 3 yr old. I got back from Iraq a little early. My daughter had only been taken care of by my ex mother in law (wasn't willing to have her watch her when it was my time to have her) and a neighbor. I wasn't speaking to that neighbor anymore so I had to do something quick. I actually found an at home child care provider that spoke spanish (I'm PR so that was a must), and was throughly qualified. She was wonderful, always doing projects with the kids, taking them outside to play, I got daily updates on everything, she helped with the potty training and I got updates daily with that as well! My daughter loved her and I never had a problem dropping her off in the morning! Good Luck!

Tah - posted on 12/19/2009




well put your name on and in the meantime the office where u do that should have a list of in home childcare approved by military..go meet and talk with them..pop up sometimes..count your pampers be involved...its scary but i had a in home christian care for my son and we loved it.her husband was retired army and i got a daily report sheet, monthly newsletter..i mean she was the real deal..better than some actual daycares....make sure they are cpr certified and certified to have a are running out of time but it can be done and look at it like temp until the base calls because if someone gets orders or a wife stops working or something trust me slots open all the time...

Kendra - posted on 12/19/2009




Yes, There is like a 6month waiting list.. I should have put my name on it when I found out I was pregnant but I wasnt thinking that far into it..

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