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Anyone ever used space A travel from Guam to the states? We want to go home this summer to visit family but can't afford to fly 6 of us over there. We've heard about Space A travel but we don't know alot about it. I've heard horror stories though so I'm nervous about trying to use it. Any info would be great!


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Space A is a wonderful way to fly - as long as you have time. :) You just need to have all your information lined up before hand. Such as - will you be traveling with your sponsor? If so - that is a Cat 3 (there are 6 categories 1 being emergency leave or deployable) There are a couple websites that are very useful. I'll add them at the bottom. also be sure to register with ANY airport you may be flying in or out of - both directions. I've only flown from Germany - so when I traveled, I registered to fly out of both Ramstein AB and Spangdahlem AB and then called every day for flight schedules. Due to scurity - they can only post 72 hours before a flight will leave. If you call regularly for a week or two before hand you can see if there is any flights that fly out regular and try to catch them. I'm guessing you only have one or two to fly out of. But also register with the stateside airports or bases that you might possibly be flying back from. I live in MN (no bases) so I caught any hop I could, landing on the east coast and from there bought tickets for a commercial flight. Coming home I had options to fly out of Baltimore, Dover, McGuire, ect. and signed up with all of them. When you sign up - that date is only good for 60 days. I was traveling while my husband was deployed, so I could sign up at anytime while he was gone. meaning I could sign up 30 days before I wanted to leave, putting me higher on the list for getting out. The list is put together first by category and then by date of sign up. If you are traveling with only X amount of leave - you can't sign up until your first day of leave. There are websites you can go to to sign up, or I think you can call each airport to do so.

It took me 3 days to get a flight - but that was this summer end of July - high peek travel time and I was a Cat 4 - traveling without my sponsor since he was deployed. You can traveling at anytime with your sponsor - but if he is simply staying home while you travel with the kids - that's a cat 5 (lower on the list).

Once you finally manage to catch a flight - and depending on where/when you are flying you can catch the first one you want. If you are on any C-17, you MIGHT be able to bring an air mattress, to lay out after take off - but it depends on how much the plane is carrying. My flight was full- both with cargo and people, so we had to sit in the chairs for 9 hours. (still cheaper than buying tickets). C-5 have seats above the cargo hold. And some planes, if landing at a commercial airport (like Baltimore) are like similar to 747's 757's. Bring LOTS of snacks for the kids - and check with your airport - some allow you to bring drinks too - boxes of drink boxes - some you have to wait until after security to buy water, pop, ect. You can also buy meals on the plane. Ours were like $4 - but it was a can of pop, cold chicken strips, bag of chips and candy bar. You get what you get when they pass out the meals.

Ear protections - they will give you ear plugs - but if you know when you are leaving, you can have custom plugs made for kids (free through the EDIC/Tricare - adults have to purchase your own).

Portable DVD players are great for waiting, not so good on the plane due to the noise levels. Bring pillows, blankets - we were giving the tiny airport pillows and blankets on the flight - but were more comfortable with our own.

Now that I've probably overwhelmed you - here are a few sites you can visit to get some information :) for Space a sign up (this sites asks for donations -but none are required to use the site) Lots of good info... - just found this one - but if you scroll down - lots of links

Good Luck with your travel plans. We'll be doing it again in the near future.


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I used to fly Space A from Germany to the states. Loved it. Its cheap and if you get on a C17, once the plane is in the air, you can throw a blanket on the floor and sleep. Sometimes you get a commercial plane and you actually get to see a movie and maybe get a real snack. The only problem, the more people you have, the harder it is to get a flight.

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