What kind of help should I ask for after having a new baby?

Maria - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm expecting baby #4 (which we planned) while my hubby is on a deployment. This will be our first time having a new baby during a deployment. We have scheduled his r&r for around the time I will be having the baby but I do realize it's possible he will miss the birth. He should be back home for good by the time the baby is 4 months old. I also homeschool the 2 oldest (our 2nd year). We don't live by any family but have a few really good friends and a great church family. My mom will be coming to stay with me when the baby is about 6 weeks old. She should be staying about a month to help me as I adjust to getting back to a homeschooling routine with the new baby. I know what having a new baby is like, but I've never done this before without my hubby. My question is, for the approx. month I'm without him or my mom, what kind of help will I want, or should I ask for from friends and church family? With my last baby, my mom was there for 2 weeks, even when my husband was around, and she was a tremendous blessing just taking care of cooking and dishes. It really was a stress reliever to not have to worry about what the kids were going to eat or cleaning up the kitchen afterward. I'm thinking this will be different than anything I've been through before and would like a few suggestions for anyone who may have been there, done that.


Sarah - posted on 09/05/2012




I would say to plan ahead as much as possible- cook and freeze, create a meal plan ahead of time, maybe have a good friend be a designated go to person if you need something from the store or something like that. Plan, plan, plan. even if it seems like the most simple thing still account for it so youre prepared either way. feel free to email me if youd like to talk or just need somebody to listen.

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