Will they send me home?

Coralyn - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my husband is deploying for 15 months. By the time he gets back we'll be needing to pcs right away. we live in Hawaii at the moment, is anyone familiar with this type of situation?


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C. - posted on 03/09/2010




I lived in HI and we found out my husband was deploying (for 12-15 months) and he's going to be PCSing when he gets back. I am back home right now. They did NOT pay for me to move back, they did NOT send me home.. It is your choice and only your choice. Just know that it has to come out of YOUR pocket. Also, if you are wanting to move everything back to the Continental US while your hubby is gone, you may want to rethink that.. That expense will be coming out of your pocket as well. Unless your husband has Orders for wherever he is PCSing, they will not pay for your things to be moved and they will not provide the movers, you will have to do all of that. I think your best bet would be to stay in HI while your hubby is deployed. Wait until your hubby has Orders to PCS so that the military will pay for the movers to come and pack. If you pack anything before the movers get there, whatever you packed will not be replaced if it gets broken in transit, whereas if the movers pack it and something gets broken, they will reimburse you- so just wait for them to pack everything that isn't going on the airplanes with you! Good luck!

Shannon - posted on 03/08/2010




How do you know that you will need to pcs? Did you get orders already, and the date is right after the deployment? If you don't have orders, don't worry about a thing. Your husband has to be there for a move, the military isn't going to move you when he is deployed.

Julia - posted on 03/05/2010




Ok I just went through this last year. 2nd Brigade came back from deployment and EVERYONE left in June.

As soon as you have paper orders start setting up appointments.

Set up transportation to come and pick up household goods. In Hawaii you have to sit through a brief first.

Set up an appointment to ship your vehicle, you can do this online and you don't have to do it well before you actually leave it's just easier to have an appointment.

Get on the ball with getting a rental car and a hotel reservation. As it gets closer everything is booked!!!!

We found all this out the hard way since I was pregnant and due in May and didn't want to set up any appointments until after we got all of the amendments for his orders which included the baby. Good luck!!!

Carrie - posted on 03/04/2010




Your husband will have to go through post deployment stuff and out processing stuff before you move. Hopefully your husband will know where he is going before you get back. You can go ahead and look into the post you are going to. Once he gets back you will have to go to the transportation office. If you are on Schofield, it is in a building that shares the parking lot with the PX. That is also where the travel office is that issues your tickets to fly to your next duty station.

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If the army give you orders to move, the army will move you. But you have to do it in the correct (army) time. I don't know your time line, but you will get a set time to out-process and PCS. Nothing is supposed to happen to any one in a unit that redeployed till 90 days after. If you want to leave early there is always a 4187. If he doesn't have his equipment back from deployment there is always memo from supply

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You will have time to set up for the move once your husband gets back from deployment. they will not have you all up and leave as soon as he gets back. Your husband will still need to out process before he is able to inprocess at his new duty station. hope this helps a little.. good luck.

Corinne - posted on 03/04/2010




youre best bet is to either take the last month or two and slowely pack...hire movers (if the army wont) or the quick packing at the last minute! chances are...since youre moving oconus to conus...the army will provide the movers and youll be left to clean the housing and contact the frg for the new unit to get info on the housing at the base youre pcsing too! if you opt for off base housing, youll be on your own to find that! they wont send you until your husband is back in hawaii so you wont have to fly and deal with all of that on your own! you can also google the base your pcsing too and get all the answers from their website! it sucks being a military spouse sometimes! lol good luck!

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