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Jaime - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




am trying to potty train my son, he is on the spectrum but we do not have a formal diagnosis yet. He also has SPD and some other health issues. My questions is how do you potty train a kid who doesn't even realize they are peeing? We tried to let him run around naked but he seems to not realize when the pee is coming out of his penis. It is hard enough dealing with the other sensory issues but if I can't help him understand that he is going pee how will I ever potty train him? We sat him on a potty and he did go pee but he didn't realize that he had gone pee till after and he saw it in the potty. I just feel lost! We need to potty train him because he keeps getting horrible rashes and he won't tell us that he has gone pee or pooped. Any suggestions?


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Fast forward a few months and we have huge progress. I made a picture book with step-by-step instructions on how to use the potty, including when to stand or sit, what's supposed to happen, and everything in between. He read that many times but still didn't want to go.

Eventually, in July, he made the connection that pull-ups were the same as diapers and that that was something for babies. Once that happened, he was #1 trained almost immediately. He's now been fully potty trained for a few weeks and it's great. Granted, it took us several YEARS to get there, but it was worth it in the end.

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I know it's been a couple of months, but how old is your child? My 4 yr old is on the spectrum with a diagnosis. He JUST started pottying on the toilet this year. However, he doesn't sit, he stands. I say let them do it on their own time. That's what I did with my son. He also did the sticker chart which he really enjoyed. He only goes potty though and asks for a diaper to #2. So he wears underwear and we can go out in public in underwear. It will get better. My son also likes the bubbles it makes when it hits the water. You can make more bubbles by putting a tiny bit of soap or bubble liquid in the toilet. He probably does know he is peeing when he goes, but maybe doesn't care. My son was the same way. He would do it anywhere if he didn't have a diaper on.

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We are working with some of the same issues (son is 4 w/ autism). It wasn't until recently I could even get my son to sit on the potty. We started by just having him sit on the potty while playing video games, then after several months of that, we've transitioned to the big potty with a padded non-slip child's seat and a step stool. He has a chart that he gets stickers on (one for sitting, 2 for #1, 3 for #2) and when it's full, he gets his prize. For him the prize is going to McDonalds to play. It's working okay so far, but he has gone in the potty maybe 3 times in the past 5 months or so. BUT in the past week or two, he has started saying, "The wee-wee (or poops) is coming out," when he goes in his pull-up. I call it progress.

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