Milk and Egg Allergic Kids

A place where moms can share ideas, recipes, the stuggles that they have with a community that isnt up to par with childrens allergies.


Need suggestions

I just found out that my 14 month old daughter is allergic to eggs and dairy. I am having a hard time finding things for her to eat that isnt expencive. how do we go out to...


Chocolate or yellow cake?

For my 1 yr old daughter who is allergic to milk and egg, should I make yellow cake instead of chocolate? I am so nervous about all this stuff. I also have heard that PIllsbury...


Need breakfast ideas

Ariana does not want oatmeal and does not really care for cream of wheat. Of course I will keep trying cause I know kids tastes change daily, but I am sure she is getting sick...



We just found out last week that our 11 month old son has a peanut, milk and egg allergy. He`s been eating cheerios for a couple months now and has never had a reaction (he has...


Hello, anybody here????

Anyone come to this group regularly? I found several posts with no answers at all, and it doesn't look like there's a lot of recent activity. Are you gals going to liven up or...



My daughter had another blood draw today to test for her allergies. I am hoping that they are gone now. I doubt it but I can always hope.


Allergic reaction to the flu shot

My daughter has a 3 for egg allergy, but the allergist said she could get the flu shot since it isn't a severe allergy. She did have a reaction. A large red mark on the thigh...


new here

Hi Ladies! We just found out that our 10 month old son is allergic to peanuts, egg and milk. We are terrified and very overwhelmed!! I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and...


New here

Hello. My almost 1 yr old daughter is allergic to milk and eggs. I got some recipes for cake, pancakes, and cookies that I am looking forward to trying. What has been stressing...



I would love to make chicken alfredo and shrimp scampi. I just haven't found a good recipe that is both dairy and egg free. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to...