Milk protein allergy, What do I give instead?

Nikkol - posted on 01/20/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My twins have a milk protein allergy. I have tried almond and rice milk but they don't like it. They take one drink and then throw their cups on the floor. I have introduced and reintroduced it, just don't know what I can give that will give them the fats they need for brain development. Thanks for the advice.......


Michelle - posted on 01/22/2011




The other options are goats milk or soy milk.

You might want to employ a few fun, creative ideas to make it more enticing... even to try the rice milk again. Not sure how old they are, but a special cup, decorate with their favorite things, or even let them pick a new cup from the store. If they are still on sippy cups, stickers are great for decorating.

Our daughter hates sippy cups, but really enjoys a straw or drinking from a real glass. We found portable straw cups and also a real cool plastic tumbler where the straw wraps round-and-round the outside of the glass. It makes it fun, and takes away from the fact the beverage is different. Colored straws (think party store) are fun too! To keep from bending it the diaper bag, I keep them in a toothbrush holder.

Also, maybe keep their drinks out longer. If in a sippy/straw cup, leave the beverage out while they play. If they are thirsty, chances are they might get a few sips in... and well, used to the flavor/idea of the new milk.

Best wishes!

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