Milton Keynes Mums

A group for us mums in and around Milton Keynes!!


What to do?

Hey I was just wondering what people did during the day. Mostly we go to the library or the park. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of things to do....



Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone had any tips they'd like to share? time saving/money saving/playtime ideas - that sorta thing? x


MK mums

Hi everyone,\r\n\r\njust a quick note to say feel free to comment on any conversations already started in the forum or you could start you\'re own! \r\n\r\nAny handly tips about...


Health Visitors

Is it just me or are they all total twats?! Mine is the most rudest and bluntest owman ive met - if you don't like the job and have no interest in children then its a pretty...


Weigh in!

Just had my little boy weighed by the health visitor today and he's 11lb 5oz... what a little porker!!! lol! xx


Hey everyone!

Just thought i'd start a group up for us mums in MK cos there seems to be bugger all on here for us!! If you have any advice, questions, suggestions, funny stories , etc to...