Miracle's Photography in Edmonton, Alberta

I am passionate about photography; I prefer to take pictures of ordinary objects giving them the illusion of being extraordinary. I also have a fondness of childen in pictures and feel they speak volumes. This lens is a view of the world through the eyes of me. I am a free lance photographer. I take pictures cause I love to do it, I do it for fun in my free time, I just love taking memories, freezing time..A Hobby for me that I enjoyvery much. Black and white, Shephia pictures are the most fun pictures I have with touching up. I am more of an out door s photographer, the lighting and the view I find makes a picture. But I do also do inside but you need to have good lighting. Like the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. I do Photography in my spear time, weekends and evenings as I am stating a home daycare in the day time. I use a Canon Reble xs eos digital camra, with 2 different lenses Conon image stabilizer 18-55 & Canon Ultrasonic 55-200 and use many differtent programs. Check out mt web site for rates!



Photography is the art of using and manipulating the camera to produce unique images of reality or formal abstractions. The subject and the stylistic or aesthetic intentions of...