Mixed Feeding Mums

A place to discuss, without prejudice or judgement, the options open to mums whose babies have not taken to the breast as easily as others, and have had to resort to mixed feeding with either expressed breast milk or formula. If you're interested in discussing ideas and options and have not found community that is a happy medium between 'militant breastfeeders' and 'sole bottlefeeders' then please join and add your experiences, share your concerns and heartaches and get support, whether you decide to keep attempting breastfeeding or if your decision is to switch to formula permanently. Please do not join if you feel tempted to criticise any of the choices we have made or are making. Only supportive advice is welcomed.


Supporting expressing mothers

Article from http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/article.asp/PK_articleID/58/supporting-mothers-exclusively-pumping-breastmilk.htm Author Name: Stephanie Casemore Biography:...

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