Mom forced to stop nursing for dads over-night parent time

I am a nursing mother to a 11 month old. The Utah courts ordered dad standard parent-time and he gets over-nights at 12 months. Our daughter is allergic to formula which I have had her doctor confirm that to be true. My OBGYN has also has written a letter stating that I can not pump, due to frequent infections its caused over the year so that dad could have his parent time. Our daughter nurses every 4 to 5 hours still. I have a letter from WIC stating she can't go longer than 6 hours without nursing, that it will cause more complications with my milk supply and future infections for me.. COURT is basically forcing me to stop nursing my 11 months old so dad can have his over nights in a month. The Tooele county WIC office is very upset about this and willing to fight with me on this. No mother should be forced to stop nursing her baby. WIC also recommended that I nurse her until she is 2 years of age. I have cancer so I am doing everything possible to protect my baby from ever getting cancer and many other health reasons why breast is best. My attorney thinks I won't win this and it may hurt my case. I don't know what to do. I'm hurt and very scared of what this is going to do to my little girl..