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Mom friends - sharing my story because I know how hard it can be!

Hi mommas! We all know how hard it can be to find mom friends - especially if you are a first time mom and your baby isn't in school yet with other children. I have a lot of friends but most aren't moms yet or, if they are, their babies are older and they are in different phases of their lives. I needed a group of women I could lean on and talk with but wasn't quite sure where to find that. I work full time so I don't get to go to the MOPs groups or other mom get togethers. One of the groups I'm in on facebook recently suggested a new app - Peanut. I was iffy about it because it is basically a tinder for moms and I thought it would be weird to reach out to moms I didn't know. I was so wrong. I have met 4 amazing women and our babies are just a few months apart. We've gone to brunch a few times with the babies and have happy hour planned too! The app is called peanut and here is a link to download it: it is available for ios and android! I know how hard it is to find mom friends and sometimes being a mom can be lonely so I wanted to share my story with you all :)