Mom' s who are Nurse's

Have you ever missed a special holiday because it was your year to work? How about working a 12 hour night shift and having no sleep? Come join us, and chat!


Community Nursing

Just wondering if anyone has ever worked out in the community as a nurse doing home visits? I am about to start a brand new full time community nurse job working with VON...


Ethical Delima

I had a pt the other night that was screaming in pain but I dont think she was in that much pain! I believe she did have pain, she has a PCA, and we had to tell her to push the...



Wondering if anyone has used Versad frequently??? We have a new protocol to follow when administering Versad, and I am just not to sure about it? I think this is a great drug...


Shin Splints

Anyone know how to treat shin splints???? I have it bad and they really hurt, I have iced them, soaked in a hot bath, rubbed ice gel into them nothing is working. I have to work...


Do you believe????

Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced the super natural at work? I believe in the afterlife, although I was confronted with it the other night, one of my fellow co...


who's in it for the money????

I just wanted to ask who is in it for the money? Nursing I mean. I read a post from another mother on COM and she said that nurses are only in it for the money!! I for one...



Just sending a warm welcome to all the fellow Mom's who are nurse's that have joined our group!! Feel free to start a conversation, we can all learn from each other!


night shift young kids- NEED HELP

have just started back at work now that my youngest has turned two. Just love the feeling of being back and looking after the oldie at my nursing home. HOWEVER! i really need a...


Happy Nurse's Week!!

Right now there is a nurse helping a woman become a mom, a nurse holding the hand of a dying man, a nurse inserting an IV in a child, a nurse listening to an alzheimer's...


Night Shift

I can handle working the night shift, I can sleep through the day. My biggest problem is when you try to sleep coming off your last night shift. SO I plan on sleeping until...


My shift

What a great night shift (sigh) Leaving my girls at home fishing with there dad, enjoying a beautiful night on the lake I head to work for a 12 hour night! I arrive to have 1 pt...


Who's tired??

Welcome to the special club of nurse's who are also Mommies!! I worked last evening 3-11, came home made 2 school lunches and packed 3 school bags. 7am came bright and early...