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Debbie - posted on 04/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had a pt the other night that was screaming in pain but I dont think she was in that much pain! I believe she did have pain, she has a PCA, and we had to tell her to push the button. My thing is I just wanted to yell at her and tell her to shut up!! She would not listen to us at all would not help us help her would not listen to the doctor and our other pts were trying to sleep aswell and they were starting to get upset also.

How can someones pain level be a 10 when we wake them to ask????? How can they sleep???


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Sharlene - posted on 01/26/2012




That PT would have being full of crap and for you to wake her no sorry her pain probably would have being 3/5 I guess

Debbie - posted on 05/01/2009




Nope she is not confused she has a tumour on her siatic nerve and bony mets. She has broke her femur and needs a knee reconstruction. She is also morbid obesity, but totally with it in the brain. I think it was a case of emotional dependance. The next night her daughter stayed with her and she was great. She even appologised for her behaviour...go figure

Jaime - posted on 05/01/2009




Some days it seems like all we are is a drug pusher. Kinda had the same prob with a pt last night. She would ring exactly when her next Statex was due, then she would say I need a gravol too. If I took as much pain meds as she is I would be comotose.

Hey Deb- is she confused?? you work in oncology right? is it brain mets??

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