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3 Pregnancy Myths You Shouldn't Believe

by Kim Westerman
Are closely-timed pregnancies easier? Do girls really steal your glow? We looked at three of the most common myths about pregnancy and reviewed hundreds of Circle of Moms members' comments to figure out if any of them hold up.

How to Love Your Pregnant or Post-Pregnant Body

by Mary Beth Sammons
If you're struggling with the changes that pregnancy is bringing to your body, find out how other mamas-to-be have learned to embrace their oversize tummies, big boobs, and even their stretch marks.

Hospital Bag Checklist: The 9 Essentials to Pack for Labor

by The Circle of Moms Editors
Other moms tell you how to avoid saying "I really wish I'd brought..."

9 Essentials for a Nursery First-Aid Kit

by The Circle of Moms Editors
Gripe water, nasal aspirators, Desitin...moms share their must-haves for a nursery first-aid kit.

Truly Funny Baby Onesies (Part 1)

by Circle of Moms Editors
Need a laugh today? We've rounded up 10 cute baby onesies that really made us smile...because they speak the truth about parenting!

Baby Shower Cakes That Go A Bit Too Far (PHOTOS)

by The Circle of Moms Editors
It looks like some baby shower hostesses have taken a too-realistic approach to celebrating the new baby's arrival - in cake form.

12 Ridiculous Products for Babies (PHOTOS)

by Circle of Moms Editors
When you were a new parent, did you buy lots of stuff you didn't need? When you're lost in the enormous jungle of baby products and don't yet know what's essential, it's easy to think your baby MUST HAVE pee pee teepees and knee pads. Or is it?

10 Hilarious YouTube Kids

by Circle of Moms Editors
A list that'll make you laugh.

Say Aww...: Twin Babies Have Hilarious Conversation

by Circle of Moms Editors
Twin Babies Have Hilarious Conversation video goes viral on YouTube

Miracle Baby Revived from Death by Mother's Hug

by The Circle of Moms Editors
We've heard many amazing birth stories, but Kate Ogg's may be the most incredible of them all.

Little Girl's Reaction to Disneyland Surprise is Priceless (VIDEO)

by The Circle of Moms Editors
This little girl's reaction to Disneyland surprise will put a big smile on your face!

Brothers Create Touching Tribute For Their Mom

by The Circle of Moms Editors
Make sure you have a tissue ready before watching this heartbreaking tribute video made by two brothers for their late mother.

17-Year-Old Makes Ultimate Sacrifice for Her Unborn Child

by The Circle of Moms Editors
Asked if we would die for our children, most of us unequivocally answer yes. Rarely, however, are we put to the test.

Florida Mom Wrestles Down a Shark to Save Daughter (VIDEO)

by The Circle of Moms Editors
A shark, crusing shallow waters much earlier in the season than anyone expected, yanked this Florida mom's daughter underwater, right in front of her eyes.

5 Ways to Sneak a Mom Nap

by Mary Beth Sammons
A two-hour siesta may not fit into your busy schedule, but that doesn't mean you can't grab a 15-minute power nap. Here, Circle of Moms members share five sneaky strategies for resting and recharging during the daytime.

6 Energy-Boosting Tricks for Moms

by The Circle of Moms Editors
Tired of being tired? Unplug the coffee pot and get energized with these 6 pick-me-up strategies.

7 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

by Mary Beth Sammons
How do life-long night owls finesse the early morning duties that go along with parenting — like crack-of-dawn feedings and getting kids to early morning sports practices? Here, night owl moms share tips for coping with mornings that come too soon.

7 Ways to Calm Down When You're Having a Rough Day

by Sharon Silver
We call benefit from more calm and relaxation in our lives, and it's especially hard to calm down from an intense or emotional interaction with your kids. Here are seven ways to keep yourself — and your kids — on an even keel.

Tips for Finding Sanity on 26 Minutes a Day or Less

by Mary Beth Sammons
10 tips from moms for carving out time to recharge.