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Its good to let it out and vent sometimes, I have been told its very unhealthy to keep it all inside. So just let it out! I started this so that every mom has somewhere to go to have a guilt free vent session. Women who have children of their own and/or also have step children. Whether you are married or divorced, whatever the case we can all share our tips and experiences we've had with the new boyfriend/girlfriend, Intorducing children to new significant others etc... dealing with the everyday of life, Or if you are Just having relationship Problems like ME!!!we can all vent and discuss here. I dont have alot of girlfriends and sometimes the ones I do have arent available to chat or I just dont want to bother them cause I know sometimes who wants to be bothered with drama! Momma DRAMA! is a community where we can all share and there is no judgement. because lets face it just about every woman has some sort of drama.


need to vent!!!!!!

I just became an "official" step mom. My husband and i have been together for about 3 years but we just got married he has an 8 year old girl, i dont have any kids of my own but...

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Make my children do chores?!

I need some help with making my children do any chores at all... I bought my daughter a cell phone when she was 12 1/2 and told her she had to do the dishes to earn the phone...

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Welcome All !!! Please Introduce yourself.

Bare with me guys Im new at the community things. Please introduce yourself and tell us a story about anything you have on your mind. Sometimes a woman just needs to vent...

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My husband is away at training for his job. they get to come home tomorrow. all of the training was finished this morning and so they got the afternoon off. well being in...

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Is there an age when HOOTERS would be ok?

My 11 yr old SS's BM decided he was ready to go to HOOTERS not only to eat but she sent my husband a pic of their son & the large breasted cutie that was their waitress.

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Just need to vent!!

Well first off i am super stressed out my husband is deployed and we have a 3 yo and i just gave birth a month ago to a little baby girl. When he left i thought the hardest...

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Well Hi! I'm glad I ran across this page because I don't have any girl friends...and sometimes it's nice to have a place to go that only you and other women like your situation...

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Here is some drama!

My husband told me in September he had not been in love with me for quite some time... We had a 6 month old baby boy at the time and now it is almost 7 months later and I have...

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Parental Alienation

I'm not sure I am in the right place, but I am looking for support groups/advice, etc for a victim of parental alienation by my former spouse. My ex is threatening to take me...

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What do you do with a part time boyfriend?

I know you get rid of him right? well what if my heart doesnt want too? then what do I do giving him ultimatums does not work. someone please help me all I want is for my...

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Motherhood and step-motherhood

Hi guys Im 24 and I just had my first child an adorable 2 month old baby boy named Ryan. My boyfriend has 2 boys from his previous marriage They are 4 and 8. Although his X...

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