Momma with babies born in 1999

For all of us with babies born in 1999


household chores

What kind of chores are moms giving 9 year olds these days. I think it's time but I'm not sure what is appropriate.



My son eats so much food, does other kidsto same age eat so much too. Is it fairly normal.



Hi, I have one child. She was born October 1999. We live in Minnesota. Did live on Long Island, Ny


Voice change yet?

My son will be 10 in Sept. and his voice has suddenly changed. Isn't it too soon for this???? I keep telling myself it's allergies, but he really has no other symptoms of that....


Hello, New here...

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bonnie and I have a son who was born on September 26, 1999. He was a 6 weeks early, but quickly caught up. He made the cut off for school...