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I just had to write on here about a so called lady (i am trying to be polite) who posted a comment on a post. the posts on this site are for people to answer with advise or just to let other mums know they are not alone and that we have or will have aall been in the same or similar situation not for some mean person to come along and make a nasty horrible comment about our children or ourselves. a post was put on about a child lying and the mother wnated to know is it normal at 2 to tell fibs and lies. one PERSON commented with the response "no your kid is a weirdo" i made the mistake of rising to the situation and telling her that if she has not got any good advise or nice comment then get off the site. SHE resp[onded via personal message on my profile asking me if its cos she's gorgeous. sorry no it isnt its because you are mean and nasty and should not be on the site. if anyone does not have anything decent to say then get off.


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OH MY LORD!! I can't believe someone would say such nasty, nasty things!!! That's horrible! She's not in this community, I don't think...really, ladies and gents...if any of you feel attacked or anything negative at all from anyone in this community, please tell me. I would really hope none of our members would stoop so low, but just in case, please let me know! I won't stand for anything of the sort in MY community!!!

Julie - posted on 08/27/2010




yeh thats her. i havent heard from her since because after that one initial bit i wouldnt lower myself to her level but i had to say something to let anyone else know about her. i just hope no one takes her serious and gets upset.

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That is that woman Fill My Crack In, right? I saw a post by her, too. There was a woman asking what she should do about how her young son is masturbating using herself and her husband. The "woman" responded that she should have aborted the little bastard! Ridiculous, you handled the situation very well!

Lisa - posted on 08/23/2010




Yep you are right, there are all kinds..lol but it sounds like you handled it well.

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