Mommies coping with sickle cell disease!

Hi Circle of Moms, I wanted to start this website because I am a mother myself coping with this strenous disease! I want this community to valuable use to mothers with SCD and to those without for information about SCD. I will be happy if mothers on here will post questions, or explain a situation in their lives rather its past or present, and just use this in many ways possible!Thanks


What happened!?!?!?

We were doing so well! People were coming back & responding to questions, talking, everything! I thought we were making progress! I took a break to have my baby, & when I came...



SCD can prevent you from doing certain things in life that you would like to do, it's just a fact. What did you want to grow up & be as a child, only to realize that it may not...



I have a friend who doesn't believe in receiving transfusions. It really frightens me, because I was once in the hospital as a teenager & a young lady was on her last days...


Where is everybody???

PPLEASE PEOPLE, LETS PARTICIPATE IN THIS GROUP!!! There hasn't been a reply by anybody besides me in over a year! I'm going to keep posting questions, in hopes that maybe it'll...



I'm 30 and pregnant with my 2nd baby, a little girl. I just hit 20 weeks, & this pregnancy is decidedly harder than the first. Does anyone have any tips or stories about being...


Support Groups

I said that I would post a question a week. Although no one has been on to actually see my questions, I will keep posting them. Maybe someone who really needs someone to talk to...