mommies due in july 2010

moms due with baby in july 2010


July 12th

So I had my baby boy today!! I was suppose to have him on the thirteenth via a c-section, but he decided to come one day early.



Hi! I'm due with my first (his second) child 20 July 2010. I'm super excited, super sick and just plan tired! I'm 23 years old. We were trying for almost a year before we got...



Have you guys felt the baby move yet? This is number three for me and i am twenty pounds heavier than i was with the first two.


supre excited

So I had my 18 week ultrasound last night and we found out we were having another little boy!


i am preggers again with number 2

my daughter is 1 yr old and now we are preggers again! wow what a yr it is going to be~ all the pregnancy stuff plus taking care of a one yr old lets share and vent and help one...