Mommies due October 2010

For all mommies expecting in October 2010!!


9 month old drinking less formula

Not sure if anyone even reads this group page anymore but I thought I ask... My recent 9 month old has gone from eating (4) 8 oz bottles a day to (4) 4-5 oz bottles. He eats...


When is your due date?

Hello ladies!!! Hope all is well and that the morning sickness is starting to wear away for those who have it!!! Just wanted to check in with everyone, since most of you have...


Did you know?

Did you know that sunburn can induce contractions??? Stock up on that sunscreen ladies!! Hope you all are feeling well as this summer heat is quickly sneaking up on us :) Enjoy...



how is do i keep my son from getting into my ribs and kicking like theres no tomorrow. Every time daddy and i push him down he bounces right back up anyone know a way the can...


help need names

hey guys just had my 20 week ultra sound and found out were having a baby boy but im at a loss for names i want something unique but something i can cut short for a nickname any...


How big is everyone's baby bump

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and just wondering if everyone else is showing as much as I am? this is my fourth baby and I feel like i'm huge already. My hubby says he thinks I'm...


Anyone experiencing this?

Hello Everyone, Since we have to sleep on either our left or right side these days I find my arms fall asleep rather easily. However, I noticed that as I awake and the day...


How far apart?

I was wondering how far apart your childern will be when your Oct baby is born? My son will be 16months apart!


Ultra Sounds!!!

So we are approaching that time where we are able to tell if our babies are boys are girls....and I was just wondering if you ladies are planning on finding out or if you are...


Pregnant after previous miscarriage

Hi wanted to open this conversation for anyone who has experienced a previous miscarriage. I had a miscarriage August 2009 at 11 weeks. Finding out that I was pregnant again...


Hello everyone!

Most likely we are all in the same boat right now....we found out recently that we are expecting a new bundle or bundles :) of joy! This group was created for us ladies due in...



At the beginning of this wonderful time in our lives, what kind of symptoms are you experiencing right now?



I had an internal ultrasound 3 weeks ago (at week 12) and they only saw one baby but last night I dreamt 3 seperate dreams about having twins. In the first dream, the...


New group

If you know anyone else due in October, feel free to invite them to join us!