My babys story....Multicystic Dysplastic Kidneys

Kristina - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I went to the doctor for my 18 week ultra sound they said something was wrong sent me to a high risk doctor then he sent me back to my regular obgyn to discuss options of termination or carry to full term. They have diagnosed my baby with Multi-cystic Dyplastic Kidneys on both of them. My babys kidneys have not developed properly and it will not be able to survive outside of my body. One in alot lighter than the doctors would like to see and the other is enlarged with cysts on them. There is no amniotic fluid at all around the baby so the lungs cant develop and the baby cant move or grow. The doctors have given me the choices of inducing labor now, or carrying it full term or until it has no heart beat. I have made the decision that would be the easiest on me emotionally and that would be to carry it out till full term and see where it goes for there and just hope for a miracle and hope doctors are wrong.


Sarah - posted on 04/18/2010




My first pregnancy the baby had no kidneys, no amniotic fluid. I admire you for wanting to carry your baby. I was not that strong and decided to terminate since my health was also at risk, per my dr. It is a hard choice either way and something us mom's have to live with. May God's grace be with you.


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Amie - posted on 02/22/2010




I see you wanting to try all you can, I knew in Darcies case having her at 29 weeks was best for her, she passed away before birth and I wouldnt have wanted to see her suffer (the longer pregnant the more chance she would have survived for a few weeks). She was having regular seizures inside of me. Hope is good and im glad i waited until 29 weeks as i got to cuddle my baby and say proper goodbyes. For me the longer i was pregnant the more i was bonding with her and making selfish decisions that may have prolonged her life for just a few weeks but she would have suffered, i couldnt watch my baby suffer when i knew there would have been no quality of life.

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