Mommies of Babies Born in  2002

A place to go for moms who have babies born in the year 2002


2002 members

Are there really exactly 2002 members for this board for moms of kids born in 2002? Is it a big coincidence or are the members limited to 2002? I'm really curious, I just...


Hi everyone!

Hi, My name is Melissa. My son is my 2002 baby. He was born in October. His name is Bryce. I also have a 3 year old daughter. My son was in young 5s last year and started...


My 6 yr old tornado

Hi all, My 2002 baby is named Mary Jo. She's the middle child but will never ever suffer from middle child syndrome because she's the loudest, most energetic, free spirited...



Hi everyone.. its been a little while since i've joined but i haven't introduced me or my miss priss :P.. My name is Megan.. Im 26 years old.. and my 2002 baby, is Emilee.....



I just wanted to send you each a personal thank you for joining the community. If you know of anyone else with kids born in 2002, be sure to invite them! Leave a post...