TCHD and potty training

Peggy - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, I have a 15 month old son who has TCHD. He had his pull thru surgery over a year ago. He had his colon and 15 cm of his small intestine removed. He has bowel movements everyday but they are still pretty soft sometimes very loose. Just wondering if any other moms of children with TCHD have this issue and does it get a little better for them as they age. I'm also wondering if potty training is more difficult overall because of this problem. I know it can be a challenge to potty train HD kids but curious as to how much different or if it is different for those with TCHD. Thanks for your help!



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Spaahh - posted on 06/04/2012




My son is 4 and he potty trained at 2 and a half. He had 6 loose bowel movements a day. Now he is doing much better! Still in diapers at night, but never had a poop accident. He has total colonic hirschsprungs plus 12 inches of his small that were removed. Every year in the spring or fall we go to the hospital becasue hes sick. But besides that he is normal. :) Hope that helps!

Crystal - posted on 12/02/2010




Hi,I have a four year old son that was diagnosed with HD. We are currently potty training. It is hard, very hard. He is in Pre-k so his teachers are of big help. He wears underwear and he can go pee-pee just fine in the potty. He has gone through some stages where he has tricked me into giving him a pamper to poop, but only does pee and then takes it off. then he wants another pamper to poop in. Then I put my foot down and went to get books and videos about potty training. It seems he is trying to hold on to his pampers for as long as he can. he likes the books and videos and loves being called a big boy. I feel like Im missing something. He has actaully pooped once in the potty but it was at school. He wont do it for me cuz he probably knows how to jerk my chain. I know that it is me that has to change my game. He is mentally and physically ready. Ive checked off the lists on several potty training books and he is ready. Like I said he can go pee-pee just fine, its only to poop that he puts up the fight. He will hold it for hours until i give him a pamper. We are working on it. I have even hidden the pampers so that he can have no choice but to poop in the potty, but he just holds it. He cries and fusses until his cramps subside, but he will hold it. He has never had accidents, ever. And when we go to the potty to poop all he has to do it let it go, but he wont. I just started with this tough love routine and I know that I have to keep it up, but its wearing me thin. Today will be day number three and Im not sure if Im even doing this right or going about it the right way.

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