Funny Labor Stories to Share???

Sara - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I sure have a funny labor story to share! Since I was going into preterm labor, my husband was a wreck! Plus, it was our first baby. I had driven to the hospital by myself, checked in by myself, and my husband was 30 miles away at work! My water broke at 9:30am and started going into labor at about noon the same day. My son was born at 7:30pm (the same day) and 45mins after he was born, I was going to learn how to breastfeed him for the first time. My husband was there with me through the entire labor and of course he was also there to watch me breastfeed our son for the first time. As I was begining to learn the breastfeeding process, my husband was going to step out into the waiting room and tell everyone to wait a little bit while this was going on, but before he got out of the room, he hit the floor and went into a full out grand mal seizure. I was terrified! I had our newborn son in my arms, on my breast while my husband was seizing right infront of me on the floor. I was histerical. The nurses called "CODE BLUE" and an army of nurses and doctors came into the room to help my seizing husband as I was sitting on the hospital bed with our newborn son suckling my bare breast. To sum the story up, my husband and new father of our baby had to be admitted to the hospital, didn't get to stay the night with me and our baby for the first time and didn't even to get to hold his son for the first time until the next day (in a weelchair with a hospital gown on and an IV stuck in his arm, you ought to see the picture!). Now that is a story to put in the baby book, huh??? LOL

p.s. - the reason he had a seizure was not only because of the stress he was under, but because he hadn't taken his anxiety medication in a few days. just thought I'd clear that one up for ya!!!


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Kristina - posted on 12/28/2011




Mine wasn't as funny as yours, the only funny part is that there was a little bit of amniotic fluid and blood built up behind my sons head so as soon as his head popped out, the blood and fluid flew out. But instead of going forward, it shot backwards and landed all over my belly, my legs, and my grandmother (who was holding one of my legs after). Once my son was completely out, the nurse joked about how my grandmother was a shield for her and she was glad because she had just started her shift and was wearing a white shirt. My husband still jokes with me today and tells me that if any had gotten on him (because he was holding my other leg) he would have dropped my leg and walked out to take a shower.

Brittany - posted on 01/28/2010




My story wasn't funny. I went to the dr at 20 weeks and I was 4 cm dialated. They sent me to another high risk hospital 2 hours away and they admitted me. I was on bed rest and in and out of the hospital for 3 more weeks. and at 23 weeks my water broke. On the way to the hospital we had a flat tire. We kept him in for 1 more week and he was born at 24 weeks on April 22, 2009 at 10pm. I was in labor from 1 am till 10 pm. The dr checked me and at this time I was back at 1 cm so he said if I feel any pressure let him know and he left the room. About 2 mins later I told the nurse I felt pressure and she got the dr and he said " I just checked you like a min ago and you were only 1 cm, but I will check again" when he checked he said " Your at 10 and ready call the NICU hear he comes" 3 pushes and he was out.

Sarah - posted on 01/26/2010




The only thing funny that happened to us was they put my husband in scrubs for the delivery and he knew so many of the team the anastsiologist thought he was a doctor and not the dad. Oh and when I looked at my fertility doctor who was able to make it to the delivery and said you did this to me instead of saying it to my husband

Shelbra - posted on 01/17/2010




Wow Sara, yeah that's definitely for the baby book! lol, Kinda scary too though!

Laura - posted on 01/15/2010




cant say mine were funny as i was on my own rite up until i was been wheeled to theatre as they sent my sista home 2 get my hospital bag!! never been so scared!!!

Kera - posted on 01/15/2010




I was having Braxton Hicks contractions the night before. Then, on Sept. 29th, I started having more "Braxton Hicks." I had joked with my coven sister the day before, that her baby was trying with all her might to stay in her and mine was trying to blow out of dodge! (She was 10 weeks ahead of me). Around midnight, the contractions started to get more intense (about 3 min. apart). And both me and my husband thought they were Braxton Hicks. I kept telling myself that if they were REAL contractions, my water would break or I would lose my mucus plug.

Around 2 on Sept. 30th, I knew I was probably having real contractions. Because I was 10 weeks early, I tried to get my husband to believe me that I needed to go to the hospital to get the shot that stops the contractions. Believing that it was "false labor" he tried to roll back asleep.

Around 5 we both agreed that I needed the shot and we called our midwife to ask for her opinion. She said I was in labor and to get to the hospital. Ah... we wanted to have a natural birth at a birthing center, and the center we chose was almost an hour away!

One painfully long ride to the hospital, they asked me to undress and they looked at my cervix. I was busy thinking that "They're going to give me the shot... I can hold out a bit longer."

They said, "She's 30 weeks and complete"

My husband asked what that meant and they told him I was ready to have the baby.

The next thing I know they want me to push! WHAT?? Just give me the shot already!

3 pushes and she was out!

Aisis was born at 5:43 a.m. on September 30th, I was told I was probably in labor since midnight. Oh, and on a weird note, my coven sister had her daughter Natelie Marie at 7:42 p.m. on September 29th.

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